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2014 Newbery Predictions

Predicting 2014 Newbery, Caldecott and Printz Winners

2014 Newbery PredictionsContenders for winning literary awards sounds like a great place to start when looking for good summer reading for the kids. Thanks, yet again, to pragmatic mom.com for her help in finding good reads for our kids.

Predicting 2014 Newbery, Caldecott and Printz Winners : PragmaticMom.

This post not only provides actual mini-reviews of 24 books, but links to sources for finding good books- a terrific resource.


Learning To Enjoy Their Own Company

BoredAs an only child,  I had no choice but to learn how to enjoy being alone. But today’s scheduled-programmed kids don’t have that incentive, and as a result we parents need to help them learn this skill. Summer is the perfect time to start the process.

Kid Boredom Busters at Dr. Michele Borba’s Reality Check

Dr. Borba has many excellent suggestions here to begin helping your child or children to entertain themselves. One I never would have thought of? Actually schedule ‘alone free time’ once they’ve gotten some mastery in entertaining themselves.

Teen Reading

Non-Fiction Reading

Teen ReadingSee how a ‘book trailer’ for a non-fiction book on the history of the A-Bomb might get your child interested in reading a non-fiction book.

Pragmatic Mom’s post on Kid Lit | Latest updates on Sulia

Follow the link below the video to a resource for non-fiction titles that just might interest your summer readers! From two librarians- one a youth librarian and the other a school librarian, so this is all geared to kids.

Washer Necklaces

Washer Necklaces

Washer Necklaces

I can so see preteen and even teen girls having lots of fun making these over the summer when they’re not out and about doing active stuff. Have the washers, modge podge, scrapbook or other pretty paperm hte ‘Glossy Accents’ and cord on hand and you’ll be all set when they need something to do.

Homemade by Jen: Washer Necklaces

You’ll have to check how long the dry time is, but if short enough (like a couple of hours) this could be a delightful pre-teen party craft that’s also your take- home party favor.


Healthy Food

Top 10 Super Foods to Help Kids Learn

Healthy FoodLiterally “Brain Food”. Foods with chemical properties that support brain health, cognitive development and memory. These need to be in your kids diets, and some of them will surprise you, and some of them are actually treats!

Food for Thought: Top 10 Super Foods to Help Kids Learn by @KidsGummyMum

Did you know that dark chocolate (70% cocoa) has more antioxidants than blueberries and raspberries? (I always knew chocolate was good stuff!)  And that antioxidants help cognitive development? That walnuts are a great source of the important omega-3’s we all need for best cognitive performance?

There’s other surprises on this list too.


Best Educational-Science Apps for Kids

TabletBeen talking a lot about preventing the summer slide– and it’s all over the parenting sites and tweets too. Glad to see people are taking it seriously and providing resources to diminish the problem. Here’s a good resource for the slightly older set:

Best Educational Apps for Kids – Upper Elementary and Middle School Science Apps

It’s not just reading that suffers, and for some kids it might actually be easier to engage their brains with science (or math) than reading. So load a bunch of these up on your mobiles so they’re ready and waiting when the opportunity presents itself.

Boy Reading

Great Books for GeekKids

Boy ReadingProbably the best way to insure that summer reading actually happens is to be armed with a load of intriguing and engaging books that just call out to be read on those rainy afternoons or at-home evenings. So here’s a shout-out to Geek Mom for a great list for ‘geek kids’, and probably any kid.

BookExpo 2013: Great Books for GeekKids | GeekMomGeekMom.

From picture books for young ones to interactive e-books to novels, all new from BookExpo America in NYC. Take a look and see which will appeal to your summer reader(s).

Nail Polish

Nail Art Ideas

Nail PolishWhether your doing the little ones fingers or the big ones are doing it to each other, you’ll find a treasure of ideas for Nail Art here on Sally Hansen’s contest page:

Sally Hansen | I Heart Nail Art

Copy or be inspired- it’s all fun. And it’s the PERFECT addition to a spa party for the girls. Also great to eat up some time at a sleepover party.