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HourglassThis is a marvelous ‘tutorial’ on how kids learn about and come to understand time, and why they don’t ‘get it’ right off and drive us nuts with their impatience.

This isn’t about reading a clock– it’s about the whole intangible concept of time. With suggestions as to to how to help them learn.



Homemade Scratch Art

Homemade Scratch Art

Homemade Scratch ArtThis will keep them busy for a good while on a long too hot or rainy summer afternoon. All you need are the crayons, black tempera paint, a few drops of dish liquid (why – I’m not sure) and toothpicks or other object for ‘scratching’. Cardstock is helpful as the toothpicks won’t penetrate as easily as on regular paper.

Scratch Art | Skip To My Lou

Have your birthday child (and siblings) make up the underlying color palettes painted black and this can double as a party craft. Just provide construction paper frames (as in the picture) for them to take home their creations.

Jack In The Box

Toy Tasting Video Channel – Parental Resource

Jack In The BoxGet some help choosing toys and playthings from the overabundance of choices- not ALL of which are actually good or worthwhile or durable.

ToyTasting – Toy Tasting | Video Channel. About Toys.

By moms for moms– check them out before your next trip to the toy store or when you’re specifically asked to get a certain toy.

This is a new site, and evolving, but it’s already got over 200 toy reveiws to help you out. Happy Hunting.


5 Innovative Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Tablet5 reading apps your kids will enjoy doing– so no arguments about doing ‘work’ over the summer. Combining reading with a game challenge works like a charm to get them into it.

5 MORE Innovative Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

These apps cover a range of ages and ability levels, so you’ll find something here for your reader.

Montessori Triangles

Triangles for Geometry

Montessori TrianglesJust making a ‘toy’ like these triangles available to your young child builds creativity, to say nothing of the math concepts it actually teaches through the playing. That’s what I admire so much about the Montessori approach.

Intro to Math for Kids {Triangle Stars} – Carrots Are Orange.

There’s a good suggestion to use the printable triangle templates with craft foam for durability, but even poster board will do.

This is an activity you will at least start by doing together- see the suggestions in the post. I’m betting your child, if old enough, will then take it further without your assistance.

Cloud Dough Sandcastles

Cloud Dough Sandcastles

Cloud Dough SandcastlesIf you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to your house with this recipe for cloud dough that your kids can use to make sandcastles, or anything else they want.

Sandcastle messy play :: homemade cloud dough recipe – NurtureStore.

Really cool stuff– baby oil and flour that looks all crumbly, like sand, until you squeeze and mold it and then it holds it’s shape. Perfect for sand building or sand sculpture. On the patio or deck, under a big shady umbrella or tree. Then the sprinkler or the hose to keep the ‘sand’ outside and just for more fun.

Preschool Apps

Preschool Apps

Preschool AppsHere’s a mom’s top 10 recommendations for preschool learning apps for the smartphone or tablet. I really like her approach: since there’s almost no way around the fact that this technology is going to be part of their lives, harnass it to provide a learning experience rather than solely an entertainment experience.

Top 10 Educational Apps for Preschoolers.

There’s a lot of math and number/letter recognition that becomes fun when it’s interactive as it is on these devices. And far more beneficial in the long run than Angry Birds!

Preschool Books

PreSchool Book Ideas

Preschool BooksThis Pinterest Board has many good ideas for books for preschool kids. While geared to a classroom situation, books can be enjoyed anywhere, making this a good parental resource.

Head Start Ideas

Do check out the website that lists picture books by subject, so you can gear your reading to what’s going on in your preschoolers life.

A home with books is a home filled with learners.