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Hunting For Bugs

A Natural Childhood

Hunting For BugsA ‘bucket list’ is inappropriate when talking about children, but the concept does apply- things they should do while they are still children. And this list is all about exploring their world and nature.

50 things to do before you turn 11 3/4 – a natural childhood

We parents have to give them the opportunity to do the exploring– so let them loose in safe places to do just that.

Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern

Camping LanternFor your next outdoor ‘camp out’ or backyard after dark fun. The kids can make these ahead of time and have their own lanterns with no risk of injury or burns- these use a battery powered tea light in a plastic container with a handle.

Kid’s Craft : Camping Lantern | Here We Are Together

The flames are simply tissue paper glued to the inside of the jar.

Having an outdoor party? Task the kids with making a bunch in any open top jar to use as luminarias- they’ll enjoy the project and your guests will enjoy the ambiance.



Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe Party Games

Frisbee Tic Tac ToeLeave it to a teacher to come up with this simple game that’s perfect for your summer outdoor birthday party. You control the level of challenge simply by how far away the kids are from the tic tac toe board. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Wrapping Up the School Year! – A Turtle’s Life for Me

Have the kids play and score in teams so no one’s singled out– always the better way for a group of kids at a party. Follow up with free play frisbee in the yard. Or a game of ‘keep away’ frisbee one team vs. the other.


Kid Made Wind Chimes

Homemade Wind Chimes

Kid Made Wind ChimesAn outdoor arts and craft activity made from your recycle bin! Just add paint, glitter, hammer and nail to punch the holes to string them up (adult help with this part is probably advisable). The glitter can make it messy, so best to do this outdoors.

Homemade Wind Chimes the Kids Can Make! | hands on : as we grow

Different shapes and sizes will make somewhat different sounds, introducing a little science to the project.


Sunflower Fort

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Sunflower FortThis is about the BEST collection of backyard fun ideas that I’ve seen– if you know of a better one please forward it to me to share here! I challenge you to get through even 1/2 of these over this coming summer! What fun you’ll all have trying.

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

But do start with my favorite pictured here as it needs time to grow. Sunflowers grow fast, but the time to start this is NOW. Imagine having a secluded, special ‘kid place’ in August where they can start getting primed to go back to school with some reading or fun math games to wipe out some of that ‘summer slide’. Pefect.



The Straight Skinny On Sunscreen


Here’s important information you need about sunscreen to protect your family this summer:

Ask Umbra: Which sunscreen should I use? | Grist

Not that different from the supermarket- you have to read the small print. Know your toxins ( there’s a link to ‘safer sunscreens), and it’s not just about UVB- that small print seems to forget talking about the UVA’s.

Now you know– buy the right stuff, but even more importantly- put it on!


A Prescription for Play

PlayCould the huge increase in ADHD diagnoses be linked to the decrease in free play time in schools,  as more and more focus is placed on the academics, even at young ages? The decrease in free play time after school with the proliferation of ‘screens’ in our homes? Good questions- both:

A prescription for play | KaBOOM!

Stimulate those brain cells and neurons just like the prescription ADHD meds do, but do it with active play. Get them out the door, into sports, up and doing. It will do them a world of good.


Sun Protection

SunIt’s that time of year- time to build the life-long HABIT of NEVER going out the door without putting on the sunscreen. They know a whole lot more about the skin damage from the suns rays than they used to, and it’s just not optional to use protection and get it on our kids.

Practical Parenting: Protect your children from the suns rays – The Edwardsville Intelligencer : News.

Keep a basket next to each door the kids use to go outside. Keep it stocked with sunscreen, hats and their sunglasses. I find the spray sunscreen to be sticky, and if it’s uncomfortable it will be harder to get the kids to put it on. Make it a rule, for you too so they see you doing it: NOBODY goes out without putting it on.

It’s when they’re young that habits like this are built. This is a habit that can literally save lives.

Tin Can Stilts

Tin Can Stilts

Tin Can Stilts

An old fashioned ‘toy’ that’s as much fun today as it was back in the day. This particular post wants unopened/drained cans, but others use empty cans with one end removed, so the choice is yours.

Fourth of July Craft: Can-do Stilts | Crafts | Spoonful

Paint the cans and punch the holes ahead of time and let the kids decorate their stilts and string them up as your party craft. Let the sponged on decorations dry for a bit (won’t take long with acrylic paints), and then the fun can begin. Set up a ‘race course’ on the grass (they WILL be falling). Make it a twisty turny course, even with obstacles to navigate on their stilts. Run the races as a timed team competition, 2 kids at a time. They’ll have a good old time.