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Motion Math

FractionsTurn screen time into learning time- with this app it’s learning about fractions through a motion activated app game. Motion meaning tilting or moving the device to play the game. To quote:

Movement awakens and activates our mental capacities. Movement integrates and anchors new information and experience into our neural networks. Moving while learning increases learning.

Motion Math HD – Fractions.

So get some summer math in with a fun game on your smartphone or tablet. Beats killing aliens!

Multiplication Rap Song

ANYTHING that can help with those multiplication tables is a good thing! You’ll find them all on this YouTube channel from Kiboomu,  not just the 6’s you see here.

Multiplication Rap Song – Times Table (multiply X 6) Song for Children – YouTube.>

Get you’re rapper on and multiply away with your student for some fun that might just get these must learn math facts stuck in that head.



DominosMy girls LOVED playing with dominoes– way before they know how to play the real game as it’s meant to be played. Matching them up, building labyrinths with the matches, the really fun domino snake that gets knocked over with 1 ‘flick’ of the fingers. It’s math, it’s spatial, and they’re fun.

Dig them out of the attic or go buy a set for your kids and you’ll have an engaging activity for them when they need one.

Here’s a shout out to handsonaswegrow.com for the reminder about domino fun.