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the Luau Limbo

LimboWhether grade school age, pre-teens or teens, your luau party wouldn’t be complete without a limbo contest.

Amazon has several limbo kits for $30 and under. They have the traditional set up as in this graphic and a hand held light beam limbo that also plays the limbo music that’s pretty cool. The advantage of this hand held limbo device is you can use it at your luau party, but you can also easily take it to any picnic or outing to create some limbo fun.

If you go with the traditional limbo set up as pictured, or just a pole of any kind held by two of your party kids, you need limbo music. Just google ‘free limbo music’ and you’ll find a variety of downloadable tunes to choose from.

A fun way to award a limbo prize is to give everyone an inexpensive plastic lei when they make it under the pole. The more times they get under as the pole gets lowered, the more lei’s they get AND have to wear as they try to get under the next round. To give you an idea of price, you can get these leis on Amazon for a couple of bucks a dozen.

Another obvious game for your luau party is a hula hoop contest.  See our blog post about hula hoop games from 3/1/2010.

Do It Themselves Luau Kebobs

Shish-Ke-BobsKeep ‘em busy at your next boy-girl teen (or pre-teen) luau party by having them make the food AND cook it!

With supervision, preteens and certainly teens are capable of grilling kebobs. Give them the tongs and the oven mitts and keep an eye on things, and it will go fine. Kids aren’t stupid and they’ll handle the grill appropriately.

But let them create their own combinations to grill. Have chicken pieces, cut-up hot dogs or other sausage, perhaps cubed beef if it’s in the budget for them to string on the bamboo skewers. Remember to soak the skewers in water for about ½ hour right before the party. Marinate the meat if you wish. And have a cornucopia of veggies they can string up along with the meat- red and green peppers, mushrooms, grape or quartered big tomatoes, bottled or quartered sweet onions. Maybe even some fruit like pineapple or mango chunks.

Have sauce options too- your favorite barbecue sauce and a teriyaki alternative should be sufficient.

Keep the fire going for them as they never seem to get full and will be coming back for seconds- especially the boys.

Keep the relatively healthy and luau theme going with a big side salad for them. A real hit at the last outdoor kids party we had was a rice salad- just cooked white rice with a host of cut up (diced small) veggies in it (cukes, carrots, celery, peppers, a bit of sweet onion, even raw broccoli), all dressed with just Wishbone Italian dressing. They kept coming back for more, and then more again.

When the kids participate in the food part of your party, it gives them something to do and a ‘safe place’ to go and do it when they need to step back from whatevers going on around them. Young teens need that as they try to navigate their social scene.

The Luau Fashion Walk

LuauA great way to ease on into the co-ed parties that preteens and teens want is with a luau party. Hidden behind what looks to them like a pretty grown-up theme you can have games and food that keep them busy and out of trouble.

A very easy and fun activity is the luau fashion walk. Have all your guests come dressed for your luau – Hawaiian shirts from dad’s closet or the thrift store, the girls in their sarongs or grass skirts and bikini tops, or whatever else they dream up. [see about sarongs in our 4-26-2010 blog post]

After everyone has arrived, start your luau party with the fashion walk up or down your entrance way. Line your front walk (or wherever your going to put your runway) with luminaries- votive sized candles in paper lunch bags weighted down with gravel or sand. If you’re inspired to cut out palm tree or shell shapes from the bags, so much the better, but it’s not necessary. Use a mat knife and a clip art template to make it as easy as possible to make these cut outs. Obviously, the luminaries look best in the evening and semi dark, but they’re still fun in the daytime IF they have a cut out or are the bags are gaily colored.

Have three adult judges that you’ve equipped with the large sized index cards numbered in big font 1 through 10 and put together through a corner. Just like in the Olympics, as each guests walks your luau walk, the judges will raise their card to rate the outfits on the 1 to 10 scale. You need a scorekeeper, and prizes for the male and female winners. Hand your winners their fruit punch drink with the little umbrella in it or go all out and give the winners a Hawaiian shirt and a sarong.

Your luau party is now off to a fine start.