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WhateverBall Invites

BasketballDo you know how easy it is to superimpose your invitation wording on top of a graphic using Word? Any graphic, say a basketball for your backyard basketball party or for your in the park football or soccer party.

If you only use Word as strict word processing, you’re probably not aware of it’s many graphic handling features, and they’re not hard to use. Find your graphic/clip art/photograph for your invitation, and I’ll walk you through adding all your invitation wording to it.

Either paste your graphic into Word, or if it’s a file on your computer go to Insert=>Picture=>From File and browse for your graphic. Click on the inserted graphic then go to Format=>Picture=>Layout=>Behind Text. Now grab one of the boxes you see at the edge of your graphic to size it for your invitation. [You may find the graphic you’ve chosen doesn’t expand very well, in which case choose another.]

Now you need your text tools– from View=>Toolbars=>Drawing and you should see an icon ‘A’ that says ‘text box’ when you mouse over it. Click it and draw your text box onto your graphic – you can use several text boxes if you so desire. Insert your text. Look further along on the Drawing toolbar and you’ll see icons for the line around your text box and the fill for your text box (none makes it translucent so your underlying graphic shows through) and your font color. Mouse over the various icons until you find these. About the only thing Word won’t let you do with these text boxes is rotate them, but I’ve never found that too constraining.

Now you know how to make a clever WhateverBall invitation for your next football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer party. Or, how to use any other graphic or photo you want with your party invitation wording superimposed on it. All with just Word.