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Tweaks for an Elmo Party

ElmoSeveral birthday party games are easy to tweak to fit in nicely to your Elmo birthday party. For starters, an Elmo pull-string pinata is easy to find. Or you can change things up a bit with a Cookie Monster pull-string pinata as a featured guest at your Elmo birthday party.

Spread pictures of various of the Sesame Street characters on a table with blank paper and crayons or markers for the kids to draw their own versions. This is a good activity while you wait for everyone to arrive.

The kids can play a modified game of Sesame Street charades where they act out (with or without words, depending on their age and capabilities) different Sesame Street characters for the group to guess. There’s Bert, Big Bird, of course Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Grover, Ernie…. go to sesamestreet.org for a full list to work from.

Do a mash up of freeze dancing and Twister using Sesame Street characters or their identifiers, i.e. cookies, numbers, yellow feathers, Oscar’s garbage can or a combination of the two. Have the graphics you’ve grabbed from the web securely taped to your floor, and probably best printed out on sturdy card stock. When the music stops call out one of the characters and then the kids have to rush to stand on or get a hand or foot on the appropriate graphic. Get your Sesame Street theme music from a YouTube Video. Chaos will ensue- the fun kind!

Print 2 more of each of those graphics, on regular paper this time, for floor concentration. Mix up the pictures and lay them face down in a grid of say 5×6. One child at a time picks two of the papers to be turned over and when they match they stay turned face up. When a child gets a match, they get to choose two more, When there’s no match, the next child gets a turn.

Elmo’s pretty easy to draw and color in with markers for pin-the nose-on Elmo. You can also encourage them to talk like the different Sesame Street characters throughout your party.

Preschool parties shouldn’t be over long so you don’t need a million games¬†to keep the kids busy and having fun. If they’re really little, maybe even a Sesame Street video to settle them down a bit makes sense.

Do you have other good ideas for games that play into the Elmo birthday party theme? Please post them here for other parents.

Elmo for Preschoolers

ElmoElmo seems to have always been the favorite of all the wonderful Sesame Street characters, so for preschool birthday party themes he’s a natural. And pretty easy to pull off as well.

Chances are your Elmo aficionado already has an Elmo stuffed toy, so be sure to use it as part of your birthday party decorations. Use this 23″ x 24″ peel and stick Elmo wall decal as a special birthday gift that first adorns your entryway for the party. [If you purchase from Amazon through this link, I make a commission, which seems fair enough to me.] After the party, unstick it and move it to the birthday child’s room where they can enjoy it every day.

Search for Elmo on google images for a multitude of Elmo graphics you can print out to use for decorations (copyrighted, so only for your personal use).

Elmo’s simple face makes him very easy to copy for your birthday party¬† invitations. If you can manipulate shapes in WORD it’s easy to re-create his face there using circles of different colors and sizes and a cropped half circle for his mouth. Add your invitation language and print the whole thing out on regular sized paper to be folded into a business envelope.

Spend a little TV time cutting your circles out of construction paper and gluing them together into Elmo’s face and you’ve got an invitation that looks just like the kind of thing your preschool invitees would make- they’ll love it for that! Just write your invitation info in a Sharpie on the back.

Same goes for Elmo faced cupcakes: red icing, marshmallow eyes with M&M pupils, an orange jelly candy nose.

Tomorrow I’ll give you some preschool party games that can be tweaked for an Elmo party theme.