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Creme Eggs

Homemade Creme Eggs

Creme EggsThe fact that these are better for the environment is wonderful, but I see these as a nice do-it-together Easter activity for the cooking parent and a child old enough to have a little finesse in the kitchen. And be so very proud of these goodies in their Easter baskets.

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

The recipe calls for Lyle’s Golden Syrup– a staple in the UK but hard to find in the US. Look here for substitutes.


Spring Meringue

Spring Meringue Recipe

Spring Meringue

These practically tell you that they belong in everybody’s Easter baskets this year! Meringues are actually quite simple to make, even though they look so pretty.

Mess For Less: Spring Meringue Recipe – Food Fun Friday.

After Easter, do make these with the kids. Because they’re egg white based, the making involves a whole lot of science learning as the egg whites change consistency and color.



Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks

Painted RocksEaster being around the corner, this craft activity is an alternative to Easter Egg art, but it is so much more!

Rock Easter Eggs

Task the kids with finding these  nice smooth rocks– that will no doubt take some time as well as get them outdoors in nature. Then they can paint them.

Add this to a birthday party and you’ve hit a gold mine– get them outdoors looking for the rocks and then being engaged in the art craft of painting their rocks. Just be sure you’ve got a stash of good smooth rocks in case they can’t find so many. Your local garden center will no doubt sell you a bag of river rocks (nice and smooth) for not too high a price.

Paper Bag Easter Tree

Paper Bag Easter Tree

Paper Bag Easter TreeYou won’t believe how easy these are to make– Valerie (the author) says these are addictive and I believe it.

what to do with kids | What to do with kids | Easter Craft | Easy Kids Craft | Inner Child Fun.

Make them as Easter centerpiece, make a forest they’re such fun! And who says they have to be just for Easter- it just depends what theme you use with the hanging decorations.

Once you show them how, the kids will be able to do this all by themselves. Just give them the paper bags and scissors.

Etsy for Easter

Etsy for Easter

Etsy for EasterIf you’re not already familiar with the wonderful Etsy site for handmade crafts and gifts and all sorts of good things, now’s a good time to check it out in time for Easter.

Handmade for Easter – Etsy Picks.

Etsy is a great resource for all kinds of gifts for both kids and grown ups. You may not have made the gift yourself, but they all have that wonderful handmade look and feel that makes these gifts special.

From simple headbands to use as party favors or little gifts to the more eleborate, you can find marvelous treasures at Etsy.

Easter Nest Cakes

Easter Crispy Nest Cakes

Easter Nest CakesYou can either surprise them with these Easter treats, or make them with them ahead of time. Either way,they’re fun, cute and perfect for this fast approaching holiday.

Easter crispy nest cakes – NurtureStore.

Parental supervision is needed for melting the chocolate, but beyond that the kids can pretty much manage these on their own. Make some to take to school or Sunday school!