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Mural Project

DrawingHaving the kids create a mural that syncs with your birthday party theme is a great way to keep everyone occupied as your guests arrive and get themselves organized. Rather than just turning them loose at a table with crayons and paper, it becomes a group activity requiring cooperation and planning and discussion, and actually a bit of a challenge. The group dynamics of the project increase with the age of the kids: preschoolers will just draw individually but will still end up with a project that all have contributed to.

Look for the wide, i.e. 48″, roll paper to tack up on wall or lay on the floor. It’s on Amazon so you’ll be able to find it, but if not, tape 2 or more 12″ wide rolls together to make the wider mural. If putting on your wall, use the paint friendly stickies rather than tape and protect your wall with extra paper top and bottom so anybody that misses the mural paper still hits paper and not your paint. Outline the mural with blue masking tape so it’s really clear where they’re supposed to make their art.

Provide the  markers and crayons– paints are perhaps a bit too messy. Spark their creativity with some print outs from the web of possible themed art they might wish to copy or to work from.

Making a party themed mural can work for so many different birthday party themes– animals, aliens or monsters, princesses or pirates, dinosaur, cowboys, circus, etc. Turn that awkward  ‘arrival time’ into actual party time by incorporating this group art project right into your party.


Themed Carnival Bean Bag Toss

DinosaurLittle kids love the old-fashioned bean bag toss game, and you can customize this carnival game favorite to almost any party theme. And, you can easily make it with a big box, posterboard, markers or paints and inspiration from the internet.

If your birthday party theme is a carnival- you’re good to go from the get go.

Any other theme, just find clip art on line that projects your theme and is sufficiently stylized for easy reproduction without much artistic talent. That means, it’s mostly geometric with block colors so it can be easily sketched and colors filled in to result in an image that works with your theme. Honestly, how hard would it be to reproduce the dinosaur graphic I used here? Buzz Lightyear might require some real artistic talent, but look and you WILL find cowboys that you can reproduce. Dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, Dora, Blues Clues… same goes for just about any other theme you can think of. BTW, this is a good ‘together’ project with your birthday child- you may end up doing the drawing but they can work with you to choose the image.

Obviously, this is a birthday party game for the preschool set.

Get a large cardboard box from the appliance store and posterboard for your graphic image. Once on the posterboard, glue the image to your box and figure out where to place your holes for the game. I suggest like 3 holes of different sizes worth different points to introduce an element of competition. Whether anyone wins in irrelevant- it just makes it more fun for the kids to THINK it’s competitive. Cut out the holes through both the posterboard and box with your exacto knife. All that’s left is the bean bags.

Dig out or get from friends some fabric scraps. Dig out your sewing machine or get good strong fabric glue at the craft store. Stitch or glue up your bean bags filled with white beans (easier to clean up than rice if the bags break).

Here’s a tried and true preschool age game that you can tie directly to your party theme with a minimum of artistic ability- your critics here are not reviewing your gallery show for the New York Times!

Easy Dinosaur Cupcakes

Dinosaur CupcakesThese have to be the easiest yet the funnest dinosaur birthday cupcakes that you can make to serve at your preschool dinosaur birthday party. Here’s a shout out to all the creative people at Disney Family Fun. They’d also be great to send to school for a birthday or just about any other celebration that calls for cupcakes.

You probably need to make your cupcakes rather than use store bought ones in order to get the ‘grass’ to adhere – the fresher the icing the better adhesion you’ll get. But with a box mix, making the cupcakes just doesn’t take very long.

Dyed shredded coconut will be your grass. Just place the coconut in a plastic bag along with some liquid green food coloring and give it a few shakes. Grass is now done and ready to be placed on top of your white or brown frosted cupcakes.

Top with washed plastic dino’s from the store. That’s all there is to it! Very easy fare for your next dinosaur party.

Family Fun also has a great idea for brachiosaurus hats you can make out of large sized construction paper for all your guests. (Scroll part way down the page linked to above to find the hats.) The only thing other than the paper that you’ll need to buy are googly eyes from the craft store to make these hats extra fun for the kids. I’d suggest you have them all assembled ahead of time, fitting the bands to children’s heads and stapling them together upon arrival. The hats will get everybody in ‘dino mode’ and ready to participate in your planned activities.

3D Dinos

DinosaurDidn’t know this was going to turn into dinosaur week, but here’s two more dinosaur birthday party ideas for your preschool kids. One for your party decorations and one for a good dino themed game for the kids to play.

1. Cut out and put together these paper 3D dinosaurs to scatter around your party to broadcast your theme and be decorative. Some of these are big and some are small- your choice or mix it up. If your preschooler has big brothers or sisters, making these would be a great way to get them involved in the party preparations, and perhaps get some quality time with you while doing it. If you’ve got the helpers and they enjoy making these, these paper dinos would also make nice take-home birthday party favors for the kids.

2. Use a simple dinosaur puzzle that you make yourself ( or with those older siblings) to get them moving and to get them thinking and working together. Using a large piece of posterboard (to make it somewhat sturdy), free draw a dinosaur shape – copy from any graphic you find on-line or even the 3D dinos referenced above. Get out the markers or the paints and decorate your dino. Once he’s all pretty, cut him up into puzzle pieces. Hide the pieces and send the kids off to find them – if indoors restrict their search and set rules such as no opening of drawers. Outdoors is always best. Tell them how many pieces they need to find and to come back when they’ve got them all. Then, set them to work assembling the puzzle together.

These are fun dinosaur party decorations that could double as take home party favors and perhaps give you a nice project for older siblings.

And finding and putting together the puzzle is a good game for your dino birthday party.

Dinosaur Memory

DinosaurMemory is one of my favorite birthday party games and it fits perfectly with a dinosaur themed party for your preschoolers. With your computer, colored printer and your floor, you can create a game with just enough challenge to keep them interested for a reasonable period of time.

In case you’ve forgotten, Memory is the game where you lay out a grid of pictures, 2 of each, and turning them over two at a time try to match up the pairs. Played large with standard printer paper sized graphics and laid out on the floor you add a spatial challenge to the game that makes it more fun.

Memory can be played in teams for a score and prize, if you so desire. Divide the kids into two teams, lined up one behind the other, with the first in line of each team alternately taking a shot at making the match. Make sure your grid of pictures is big enough so everyone gets at least one chance. For example, for a group of 10 kids I’d suggest having at least 8 pairs of pictures, for a total of 16 pictures, laid out 4 x 4.

You can find your dino graphics easily on line, but remember these kids are young so don’t get pictures that are too technical and hard to tell one from the other. Bright colors and ‘fun’ graphics are your best bet. You’ll find a nice assortment that you are free to use for your own personal use (i.e. not for commercial use) at Microsoft Office Online. You’ll just have to play around to find graphics that you can scale up to printer paper size without losing too much resolution.

Memory is yet another example of old fashioned party games that you can tweak to look new and fit right in with your chosen theme- in this case dinosaurs.

Dino Egg Race

Dino EggAdd a challenge to the old standby spoon race and you’ve tweaked the game into a dinosaur themed relay race that the preschool aged kids will really enjoy. Thanks to familyfun.go.com for this dinosaur birthday party idea.

Save your cereal boxes so you have 2 empty boxes for each team of children at your dinosaur party ( or, two for each child at your party if you want them all to just have some fun traipsing about as dinosaurs). Tape the open end shut. Cut a 4 1/2 inch wide circle in the top of the box for the foot opening- position this using your child’s foot to get it in the right place. Using either the green craft foam as suggested in the post referenced above or green poster board, cut out your dino feet. Don’t sweat the small stuff, these don’t need to be perfect: a ”u” shape as pictured in the post is sufficient. Cut a 5″ ‘X’ in the feet positioned to cover the whole you put in the cereal boxes. Draw or glue on your dino claws.

Attach the dino feet to the top of the cereal boxes aligning the holes in the boxes and the green feet. Use a glue gun for the craft foam or a glue stick or rubber cement if you’re using the poster board. A few staples into the posterboard (away from where their feet might touch the staples) would also be a good idea.

Line up your teams with a chair or other obstacle to go around at the far end of each team’s relay race course. Give each team their dino feet, a wooden spoon and a plastic egg or small ball. On 1-2-3, have the first racers put on their feet, and carry their egg through the course, passing the spoon with the egg and the feet to the next team member. If they all have their own feet, just pass the egg on the spoon.

You know that tried and true games like this will work well as one of your dinosaur games, yet the kids don’t know they’re old fashioned. Of course, these could be any type of animal feet at your jungle or safari party too- it’s not limited to tweaking for a dinosaur birthday party.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

DinosaurI promised you some more dinosaur birthday party ideas, so here’s one for a dinosaur birthday cake. Obviously perfect for a dino themed party, but also perfect just to add a different touch instead of an ordinary birthday cake to a different themed party such as an outdoor – backyard party or a pool party. All kids love dinosaurs so you really can’t lose with this one.

If you google ‘dinosaur birthday cake’ you’ll see some really incredible cakes that you could make– most of which are really complex and really time consuming. If that’s your thing- go for it! If not, this colorful stegosaurus cake is much much simpler and pretty darn cute. I don’t have permission to use their photo of the cake, so do click on the link to take a look.

Full instructions are included on the page referenced above, but simply put all you need are a 13″ x 9″ sheet type cake (store bought or box made at home, your choice), store bought or home made frosting, food coloring, some candies as specified, and a small resealable plastic bag to make into a decorating bag. Nothing extraordinary required.

Putting this dinosaur birthday cake together is equally simple. Cut out the simple stegosaurus shape (as per the illustration) from your sheet cake, tint your frosting purple or whatever color you want to use, add the candies to your frosted dino and your cake is all done.

Childrens birthday cakes needn’t be professional-looking; they need to be colorful and fun and this one fits the bill. And the kids don’t have to be the only ones to have some fun with their party food – you can enjoy making this guy without spending hours and hours and hours.

Turn them into Dinosaurs

Dino MasksPreschool kids still have their wonderful imaginations fully intact, so it takes very little to send them off on an imaginary journey. Give them an idea or a prop and they’re off. These dinosaur masks will for sure turn them into fierce reptiles at your dinosaur party.

At 12 for $10, at current Amazon prices, you really can’t lose. The masks are foam and according to the reviews on Amazon, they’re big enough to really cover their faces.

NOTE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon and that seems fair to me.

Turn any age appropriate game into a dinosaur themed game if they’re wearing these dino masks. Dino hopscotch where the leaf eaters show the meat eaters what-for. Have the kids figure out who is a carnivore and who is an herbivore – now there’s a challenge! Three legged dinosaur races- have them match up the carnivores and herbivores for the race. You get the idea.

If you want them to color their own dinosaur masks, you’ll find 5 of them at sparklebox.com. You will have to attach elastic so they can wear them and role-play, but you’ll have given them a craft activity to do- a pretty good trade-off.

All little kids are tuned in to dinosaurs, so I’m going to start looking for dinosaur party ideas for my readers. These dinosaur masks are a great start and give you an open-ended game that they can play and improvise until it plays itself out and you move them on to your next activity or incorporate in other games to continue your dino theme. Or if you opt for the color your own masks, you got a craft activity too.

Princess Cupcakes

Cupcake Wrappers

Princess Cupcakes

Photo with permission and courtesy of never-travelled.blogspot.com

What little princess wouldn’t want their birthday cupcake with such a royal presentation? Even store-bought cupcakes are fit for a princess when decked out in these adorable wrappers.

Not that you couldn’t figure it out for yourself, but just to make it easy I’ve made a very simple template you can print out for the cupcake wrapper. Print it out on colored paper, even construction paper. Tape it together to fit your cupcakes, and trim the scallop edge as necessary.

If you don’t want the “Princess” on the wrapper, just click on the words and delete. You can’t do it in Word, but if you have a graphics manipulation program, you can change the wording to whatever you want, save it as a jpg or other graphics format, insert it into the CupcakeCrown document, and rotate it is needed to place it on the wrapper.

Add glittery stick-ons or fake jewels for the full effect. I’d color coordinate the cupcake frosting to the color of your wrapper paper, just as in the photo.

For a wrapper that’s not for a princess, cut off the scallop edge, remove the princess wording, and decorate as you please: cowboy stickers, dino stickers, whatever your theme. For example, a dinosaur theme might call for green frosting and green or brown wrapper paper.

Cupcakes are easy, and this wrapper makes them extra special for your Princess Party or whatever theme you’re using.