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Spa Recipes

Corrie’s Kitchen Spa

Spa Recipes5 marvelous ideas for DIY gifts you and your daughter can concoct for relatives and friends, and have wonderful together time doing the making.

Corrie’s Kitchen Spa — Pauladeen.com

You know Grandma’s and Aunts will  cherish something made by your child way more than virtually anything you can buy. And what woman doesn’t enjoy a little pampering with special beauty products?

Have some fun making and then packaging them up all pretty. Your daughter may even want to give these a birthday gifts to their friends.

Or give as favors when you have your spa birthday party.

Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies

These would make the perfect gift from your daughter to grandma or aunt, and be loads of fun for you to make together. Remember these come gift-giving time- the holidays and birthdays. Also fun to give to any friend that loves ‘girly’ stuff.

Bath Fizzies – Martha Stewart Crafts

Make a whole batch and give these as favors at your spa birthday party. Do save some for yourself.

Tinsel Trees

Tinsel Treats Table Trees

Tinsel TreesIf you still need something fun to occupy the kids while you do all you do for the Holiday, these cute treat trees might be just the thing. Little supervision or help required if they’re in Kindergarten or above.

Learn with Play at home: Tinsel Treats Table Tree. Christmas Craft for Kids

While your out and about,  just pick up some  tinsel rope and wrapped candies or lollipops- that all you need besides paper, scissors and tape. There’s even a full picture tutorial on the site the kids can just follow while you do something else.

Perfect for setting out on side tables during the holidays, and they’ll be proud you did!


The Dreidel Game

DreidlOur kids will grow up in and to a very diverse world, at least here in the US. They get, or at least mine did, some ‘diversity lessons’ in school, but we can augment that at home, and playing the dreidle game together is an easy and fun way to start.

The Dreidel Game: It’s Easy to Play! | The Stir.

Hopefully, to start a family conversation. My girls we’re lucky enough to grow up knowing kids from different backgrounds and being invited to share in those different celebrations. From our really small family to a family gathering of 50+ at the BFF’s house for Christmas Eve. From the Christmas Pageant at our church to Passover seders. I do believe it’s has helped to make them more tolerant.

Celebrations being generally happy occasions, they’re the perfect time to share our different heritages in a non-threatening and welcoming environment.

There’s so much hatred and intolerance in our world today, let’s open our kids eyes and hearts to different traditions.

Paper Cookies

Paper Cookies

Paper CookiesWhen they’re still too little to help with making your Christmas cookies, paper cookies are the answer! And those clever Quirky Mommas have a whole set of printable templates for you to print, cut out and  supply along with the crayons, markers, paints, glitter, whatever, that will keep them happy while you bake the edible kind.

Christmas Printables.


Colorku Game

ColorkuA different, ‘right-brained’ take on the addictive Japanese game of Sudoku. A strategy game  for kids age 8 and up, and their parents, using colors instead of numbers. And unlike Sudoku, Colorku can be played by 2 working to solve the puzzle together.

104 different puzzle cards provide 5 levels of difficulty. The object of the game is to fill the game board grid and the 9 small grids within it with colored balls such that no column or row within any grid contains a repeat. It’s a brain challenge of the best kind teaching thinking, problem solving and logic skills.

Keep this stimulating game on your list for great gifts– for the Holidays or Birthdays.


Easy, Elegant Stenciled Ornaments

Keep the big kids involved in the Holiday decorating with these lovely stenciled ornaments they can make for the tree or other decorations around your house.

Easy, Elegant Stenciled Ornaments – YouTube.

A bit involved, so these are perfect for artsy or preteen girls. Keep them involved with this craft while you do all the other things you need to do. Set 2 or 3 of them up at the kitchen table for an hour or so while you make holiday treats.

And if you’ve got a December birthday for an older girl, this would make an excellent party craft to keep them happily involved, chatting and snacking for a good while.

Advent Jar

Easy DIY Advent Jar

Advent JarSo often, the simplest ideas are just the best, and this is one:

Mess For Less: Easy DIY Advent Jar and 35 Advent Calendar Ideas.

Make a recycled jar pretty with ribbon, paint, stickers, whatever you’ve got that works. Buy or dye popsicle sticks, or use them natural. Write your messages on the sticks (wide ones work better for this purpose), and it’s done. Mess For Less has even included 35 different message/activity ideas for the sticks.

This effective yet simple idea works for all kinds of things beyond Advent Calendars.

Use it to distribute party favors at your next birthday party, where the messages are the favors like “go for pizza with Joey” or “a sleepover with Suzanna” or “ice skating on a Saturday afternoon with Paul”.

Collect lots of jars and ribbons for the kids to make pencil holders to take home from your next birthday party.

Dress up jars for your silverware next time you’re feeding a big gang buffet style.

Sometimes the width of the mouth of a jar is the perfect thing for a bouquet from the garden or the supermarket.

The problem with piggy banks is you can’t see your progress. Use a pretty jar instead to keep all the coins that they can watch grow. Paint cute little piggies on it- copy from web clip art.

I’m sure there’s a million other ways use to use these prettied-up old jars. A great idea from Mess For Less.