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Frisbee Golf

FrisbeeThis is yet another really easy outdoor birthday party game that you can customize to fit a multitude of kids birthday party themes. And it’s one I’d never heard of, so thanks to tipjunkie.com for posting it!

Gather up a bunch of laundry baskets, a few frisbees for your party guests and then put all those clip art and computer graphics you can access online and your color printer to work for you.

Stage the laundry basket in various places outside, each one being a ‘hole’ as in golf. Using duct tape or a yard stick or piece of rope, establish a ‘tee’ for each hole, some distance from your basket, from which each child tries to fling the frisbee into the basket/hole. Practice with your own child to determine how far away the tees should be – you want them to be able to get them in, but not on the first shot.

Each child keeps score by how many tries it takes to get in the basket on each hole. If you’ve got enough willing helpers or extra parents hanging about, let them do the scoring.

You’ll find free printable tags and scorecards for frisbee golf on the tip junie site, but think about customizing these to your party theme. Use graphics of space ships or aliens for your star wars or space party, different cars for your cars party, Disney villains for your princess party, different animals for your safari or jungle party, whatever works for your theme.

Borrow both the laundry baskets and the frisbees and all this game costs you is some ink for your customizing graphics. Sweet deal! Gotta’ love party games┬áthat are fun and don’t cost a cent.

Kit Kat Kake

Kit Kat Cake

Photo courtesy of and with permission from sohowsittaste.com

Use those delicious Kit Kat cookies to create a birthday cake for kids of a different kind! You see it turned out as a wonderful Easter cake in this graphic, but the possibilities are endless for your next kids birthday party.

All you need are a boxed cake mix baked as two round layers and ready-made frosting and the cookies. Leah, who came up with this great idea, used 3 boxes of the snack sized Kit Kats. You can, of course, use cake and frosting that you make from scratch if that’s your thing. Just press the cookies into the frosting on the sides and finish off with the pretty bow, or not, depending on your planned decorations.

While the cookie sides is sufficient to give this cake a lovely and different look, it also creates a space for some imaginative decoration. The cookies give the cake top the feel of a tableau, just waiting for a scene like the easter eggs and grass you see in the graphic. Sure, you could do that without the cookies, but it just wouldn’t have the same impact as the cookie ‘frame’.

Within that frame, many things are possible. Matchbox cars and/or motorcycles with tiny black and white checked flags for your cars birthday cake- just stick them securely into the icing and move it about carefully. Polly Pockets would work too.

Get creative- this birthday cake gives you the frame for your fun ideas.