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Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern

Camping LanternFor your next outdoor ‘camp out’ or backyard after dark fun. The kids can make these ahead of time and have their own lanterns with no risk of injury or burns- these use a battery powered tea light in a plastic container with a handle.

Kid’s Craft : Camping Lantern | Here We Are Together

The flames are simply tissue paper glued to the inside of the jar.

Having an outdoor party? Task the kids with making a bunch in any open top jar to use as luminarias- they’ll enjoy the project and your guests will enjoy the ambiance.



Birds Nest

Birds Nest Nature Party Craft

Birds NestThese cute little guys will make a fun and easy craft activity for your party kids. Perfect for almost anytime of year provided you have pine cones in your area and the ground isn’t covered with snow. This craft fits nicely with any nature, camping or animal party theme.

Connect this craft with your nature themed party by having the kids collect the raw materials, if, again, you have those pine cones ready available. In addition to pine cones, the kids need to collect sticks of different lengths for the nest. You provide the goggly eyes and yellow felt for the beaks, the glue and the feathers from the craft store.

This great idea came from the Quirky Momma’s Kids Activity Blog, and she did this craft with her toddler– I’d not recommend so young for a birthday party craft where they’ll have to do this project more independently. Better for elementary school aged kids, 6 to 8 years old. While the pinecone birds are pretty simple, the ‘nest’ takes a bit of fussing to get right. The birds just require gluing on the eyes, beaks, and feather tails.

For the nests, take 3 of the larger sticks and make a triangle shape small enough to hold the number of birds made. Glue the triangle together and re-place the birds. Use smaller sticks to build up the sides of the nest, with more glue.

Make a birds nest for the kids to see and to model, and then let have some fun with their sticks and pinecones.


Camping Party

TentThe good summer weather- if it EVER gets here- makes for great outdoor camping birthday parties. Today we have both an invitation and a game idea for this party theme. Camping parties work great in the backyard if you’ve got the space and understanding neighbors, or in the park with proper permissions from the authorities. If it’s an overnight, borrow tents if you can, otherwise have everybody sleep under the stars- with lots of bug spray. S’mores and ghost stories are required.

Easily make your tent party invitation. As in this graphic, a triangle with two flaps becomes a tent. Cut the slit for the tent opening in one piece of appropriately tent colored construction paper, bend the ‘flaps’ back, and glue this tent front to an invitation sized piece of card stock. Write your invitation inside the tent on the card stock where it’s visible when the flaps are opened, and use a sticker to keep the tent flaps closed. Voila- your invitation!

A camping birthday party begs for a nature scavenger hunt, but here’s a twist that’s easier for you to prepare and a good challenge for the kids. Stop in at the paint store and pick up a variety of paint chips in primarily natural colors. Use these to task the kids with finding items in nature that match these colors. Do include a few tough ones like pink (as seen in rocks) or orange (flowers, lady bugs) or yellow (bird beaks). If they’re old enough, let them take phone pictures of the things they find that they shouldn’t collect into a bag- like that bird with the yellow beak!


Games to Print

PrinterThis is a birthday party games resource every parent should have in their bag of tricks. Whatever your theme, you’re very likely to find a game you can tweak to fit that theme at python-printable-games.com.

Not free, but reasonably priced, this website is a treasure trove of games that you print out for your crowd. Even if you don’t buy, their games may give you great ideas that you can then put together on your own.

Got great birthday party ideas but just not quite enough to fill your party agenda? These printable games may be just what you need to round things out for the kids. Paper and pencil thinking games are also a terrific way to calm things down and the perfect follow up to an energizing activity, so you can stay sane. It’s always a good idea to follow an active game with a more sedentary one to help the kids stay in control.

At python-printable-games.com you’ll find games specific for luau parties, pirate parties, slumber parties, and camping themed parties. In addition, they’ve got non-themed games like “Lie to Me” and “Tangled Tongue Twister” and a “Been There Done That” game that looks like fun for teens.

Keep this website in your arsenal of resources for party games. If nothing else, having one extra game all printed out and ready to go in the event your timing is off and you’ve got too much time before parents come for pick up can be a godsend!

Monarch Butterfly

Get them Moving after the Monarchs

Monarch ButterflyHere’s a terrific idea for a fall family or kids party activity that not only teaches about nature and science but gets ’em moving as our First Lady wants our kids to do (and with good reason).

While I had know about the many thousands of miles our beautiful monarch butterflies migrate between the US and Mexico, I wasn’t fully aware of the incredible nature of this journey and I’ll bet any kids you’ve got that need something to do will find the story just as inspiring. And with these unique monarch ‘tagging’ kits for a reasonable price for 25 tags, they can become part of the science and the story both. Follow the link at the bottom of the tagging kit page to see the full story about this migration.

Making a long story short, it’s the grand-children and great-grand-children that make the journey back to Mexico, sometimes to the same tree their forebears nested in! Scientists don’t yet understand how this homing instinct works, and the tagging program is designed to gather information to help understand it. How the little critters have the energy for such a long migration is another of the mysteries the tagging program collects information for.

Be it for an  outdoor fall birthday party game or a family outing activity, tagging 25 of these butterflies will be a fun and educational activity, and that’s always a great combination. Tagging would make a perfect game for your camping or jungle themed birthday party. Follow this link for peak migration dates to find out when to schedule tagging in your area- but it’s always a fall event so the time is NOW.


Tail Tag

SnakeAnother good birthday party game for the young ones at your outdoor camping birthday party or just plain old camp out or backyard birthday party. I’d think this game best for preschool age kids or young elementary school age 6 to 8. Thanks to birthdaypartyides4kids for this one.

Have the kids all hold hands in one big line, and instruct them that they MUST keep hold with both hands throughout the game. The exception being, of course, the first kid in the line and the last. Designate which is which.

The object of the game is for the head of the line to ‘tag’ the last one in the line– the tail. Picture a long skinny dog chasing his tail – although birthday partyideas4kids calls this rattlesnake tag. The object for the tail is obviously to avoid getting tagged. All while everybody’s holding onto the hands on either side.

Once ‘tagged’, the tail becomes the head of the line and the previous head of the line moves down to #2, etc. Keep it going until everyone has had a chance at both the front and the end of the line.

If this game morphs into a rousing game of ‘crack the whip’, which is also a lot of fun, just make sure there’s plenty of room with no obstacles to hit as kids get shaken off the line. For those who have forgotten this one, the front of the line tries to shake loose the back of the line using a whip like motion. There’s a great explanation of it on Wikipedia.

No cost party games, with no preparation required. Doesn’t get any easier than this yet it’s still great fun for the kids. Win-Win.


Flashlight Fun

FlashlightFlashlights in the dark are fun in and of themselves and perfect for your camping or campout birthday party now that good weather is here for a while. Ask each child to bring one (labeled with their name) in your invitation, and you’ve got a couple of good birthday party games in the making that will keep them entertained.

Dig out those plastic Easter eggs from your attic, and fill something like 4 or 5 per child with fun stuff: M&M’s, coated gum, pennies or dimes, stickers, nuts, whatever strikes your fancy that fits. Then hide them all over the yard or the designated hunt area.

The kids can either search solo or in small teams. Whoever collects the most treasure is the winner.

Place something special in one or two of the eggs and make those eligible for some special ‘prize’ – say getting shot with silly string.

Once this treasure hunt has played itself out, turn it into a game of flashlight hide and seek.

Use a wall of your house or the garage door and challenge the kids to make fun and/or scary shadows with their flashlights. This works best in teams of two that figure out how to make the shadow, then one to hold the flashlight and one to maneuver their hands or body to do it.

Kids age 6 to 8 or preschool age kids can have an awful lot of fun with these flashlight in the dark games, and they cost you virtually nothing and take only a bit of your time to prepare. That makes these good games for you camping birthday party.

Nature Hunt

PlantsNow that the good weather’s coming, park and backyard outdoor birthday party games are back on the list. And a Nature Hunt is easier than you think to put together for your party kids.

From preschool age to preteens and tween, just adjust the difficulty and this birthday party games works for a variety of age groups. It is, of course, a perfect game for any camping themed birthday party.

Divide the groups into teams and give them a defined area for their search. Preschoolers should have an adult tagging along with each group to keep them out of the street, etc.  Older kids can even be given a map of the park or the neighborhood with the search area defined in red.

Prepare your list of items ahead of time and have one for each child. The teams should be given the same items, but in a different order and all mixed up so it’s not readily apparent that the lists are identical. Young ones can get a list of pictures you’ve pulled from the web. Older ones might also benefit from pictures if the items on your nature hunt list aren’t all things they are totally familiar with.

The list is the guts of this game, but it’s not really hard. Here are some ideas, ranging from easy for the young ones to harder for the older ones. The older the kids, the longer your list can be.

  • 3 leaf clover
  • white rock or stone
  • pine cone
  • berry
  • vine
  • seed or seed pod
  • acorn
  • oak leaf
  • maple leaf
  • fern leaf
  • fungus or mushroom
  • worm
  • feather
  • spider web
  • ladybug or beetle

You can google “nature scavenger hunt items” and you’ll find other ideas for your list.

Older kids can use their cell phones to take pictures of any items they can’t bring back, so your list could include things like animal tracks, an animal hole in the ground, birds nest. Younger kids can have the adult with their group take such pictures.

Give them a time limit, maybe 20 minutes for young ones up to perhaps an hour for the older ones – who will no doubt find other things to do and laugh about as they complete their searches.

The Nature Hunt in yet another of the no cost, minimal prep games that can make your next kids party easy and stress free.

Night Sky’ing

ConstellationsPerfect for your slumber or outdoor camping party, have your young guests explore the night sky. It’s been fascinating people for centuries, and it still does when we help them see.

Even in winter, a 1/2 hour or so walking outside looking up and really observing is a great ‘settle down’ activity for a slumber party.

Either request everyone to bring any binoculars they have at home to your party or round some up from friends and relatives ahead of time. If you can get your hands on a telescope or two, that’s a super addition to the binocs, but not a replacement- have as many of both as you can get.

A big coffee table art book of constellations from the library will give the kids a reference point. You can help out ahead of time by marking with stickies the pages for the constellations they are likely to see in your local night sky. Print out constellation diagrams such as you’ll find at stardate.org for the kids to take with them outside to help them find the constellations. Turn it into a game- who can find “X” constellation first and point it out to everybody else.

Take it all a step further and do a little research yourself before the party and WOW them with some fun facts- how far away the North Star is and how long it would take to get there; what are falling stars and does anybody see any, how to tell the difference between a planet and a star, what planet can you sometimes see in the night sky.

Games don’t need to be mindless- learning really is fun and the sooner our kids figure that out the better off they’ll be. Keep it light and interesting and not too lengthy and a little learning disguised as a game can be a great addition to your party.

Dress the Part(y)

Dress Up MomJoin your birthday child at their own level for their next birthday party. Don’t just be the party slave or the bad cop, BE your kids party theme.

Having a cooking party? Don that big white chefs’ hat, the white coat and the checked pants to become a key ingredient to your party.

Doing a pirate themed birthday party? One eye patch, the black and white striped shirt plus a “Mom” heart tattoo on your arm and some dirt on your face and you’ll be as swashbuckling as the kids.

For a detective or mystery party, get that raincoat and a fedora with your notepad and flashlight. A red clown nose, whiteface makeup, baggy pants with colorful suspenders and a squirting flower will make you a star at your circus themed party.

The helmet and jersey over the shoulder pads, or the cap, shirt and socks for a sports themed party puts you right in the game. The clipboard, sunhat and shorts, plus the whistle on the lanyard turns you into the camp counselor for your camping birthday party.

The variations on this theme are many, and you get the idea. Dig in the attic, borrow from friends, hit the thrift store or the on-line stores like Oriental Trading, and with a little up-front planning it won’t be hard to find what you need.

Dressing the part for your next themed birthday party puts you squarely into the party instead of being a bystander to all the fun. Provided your child isn’t yet of the age where everything you do is embarrassing, you’ll be a star to your child and mighty cool to his or her friends.  You’ll have great photo memories and one more special bond between you and your child.