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Good Night Gorilla Printable Book Activities

Clearly this is a book that the little ones will really enjoy, so a big Thanks to Quirky Momma’s for making everyone aware of it.

Good Night Gorilla Book Activities {Book Inspired Printables for Kids}

Even bigger thanks for their free printable activities that tie in to the book. When kids learn early that things relating to books are FUN, it reinforces that reading is a good thing and reading skills are important because reading itself is FUN.

As much fun as this book sounds, it would make a marvelous gift.


Compassion Books

Teach Kids Compassion Through Books

Compassion BooksFollowing right along on our post about teaching empathy through good works as a family, here are 10 books for kids age 2 to 14 that will help to teach them compassion for differences.

Teach Kids Compassion Through These Top 10 Chapter Books : PragmaticMom

From a very young age, our kids are exposed to differences, and need guidance to understand that different isn’t bad, just different. The stories here or in other books like these will serve as points of reference when your children bring home their questions about differences.

Puppet Play

Act It Out

Puppet PlayIf puppets aren’t in your toy bin- they should be. They encourage imaginative play, and can also support your literacy efforts with your kids. See how they can help bring books and stories to life for your child, which of course reinforces the reading.

Fun Story Time Ideas for Kids: Act It Out – The Gruffalo – Mama Smiles – Joyful Parenting

You don’t need puppets that fit exactly with the story characters– just a little more imagination to make the puppet(s) you do have jump into the story.

Celebrate Poetry Month

April is poetry month and a very good reason to switch up your read aloud with some poetry. It’s pleasing to the ear, it takes a different kind of listening and it’s a different literary format for them to learn about. All good.

Celebrate Poetry Month with Barefoot Books and WIN | Fabulous Classroom.

I grew up on A Child’s Garden of Verses¬†which remains wonderful, but there are so very many other terrific poetry books for kids. My next favorite, with my kids, were the nonsense poems such as ‘Jabberwocky’; they need to be a little older for these.

Explore this marvelous literary medium with your kids during Poetry Month.

Baby With Book

Board Books for Babies

Baby With BookSeveral good suggestions for those semi-indestructible board books that start your baby off on the right literacy foot:

Reading with Babies and Board Books for Babies – Mama Smiles – Joyful Parenting

And there’s a big bonus here about what you can be listening too and enjoying while interacting with your child that will also enhance their literacy learning at a very young age. Just hearing prose and words is an important learning for their young minds and wont hurt them a bit, all while perhaps helping to keep you sane.

Heroes Guide

Great Book for Middle Schoolers

Heroes GuideThere’s a whole host of good ideas here from the Pragmatic Mom, but since they’re all built around having read this wonderful book, that’s the place to start.

Book Club for Kids Ideas: Princesses, Knights and Castles

Imagine setting your ‘typical’ princes and princesses smack in middle school with accompanying ‘typical’ personalities, drama, conflicts, etc. So you see why this book will resonate so well with your middle schoolers.

Looks like a great birthday present book to me!

Book Illustrator

You Be The Illustrator Book Activity

Book IllustratorThis is a win-win activity for supporting literacy at home.¬†Jillian’s come up with a marvelous way to get your kids even more engaged with a good story and reading. Kudo’s!

You be the Illustrator Book Activity

In essence, choose the right book for this activity (see the post as above), read it without sharing the pictures and then have the kids create a cover for the story. Lots of creativity and thinking goes into this, yet it’s fun.

And by the second time you do it, you can bet they’re going to listen extra well so they can create their best cover. Lesson learned!

Window Clings

DIY Window Clings

Window ClingsThis is a two-fer, maybe even a three-fer! What sounds like a great book, a great art project, and a great way to reinforce the literacy of the great book through a great art project. What more could you want!

Mama Pea Pod: {DIY Window Cling Stickers}

Obviously, this method of making window stickers can be applied to any graphics that your child might choose.

But why not encourage graphics related to a favorite story to encourage the literacy? And why not give what sounds like a good story a go at your house?

Mighty Girl Books

Mighty Girl Books

Mighty Girl BooksBooks to empower our girls, to stretch their horizons, to introduce them to things they may not have yet encountered- all to the good in my book.

Best Books for Girls: Girls Who Dare to Fly : PragmaticMom

First off, anything that gets them to read is a plus. Secondly, moving them beyond gender stereotypical topics contributes to their world view and personal confidence.

The books listed here range from picture books to young adult fiction.