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Creating a Home Library + Great Reading Resource

BookshelvesGood ideas here for fostering a sense of ownership and delight in the books that allow for the experience of reading. Give the kids their own library full of their own books, be they new or found at tag sales or from the library. Print off bookplates to designate ownership and pride in ownership. Work together to organize the books as the child wants.

Creating a Home Library | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets.

If books are important in your home and in your child’s own space, it’s a good step toward making reading an important component of your child’s life.

AND, readingrockets.org is a terrific resource for parents about books covering a wide range of subject areas and a wide range of ages- bookmark it!

3rd Grade Reading List

Into 3rd Grade Summer Reading List

3rd Grade Reading ListMore helpful summer slide prevention from pragmatic mom.com – a reading list for your going to be 3rd grader for books for the summer.

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Reading List : PragmaticMom.

Have you put this kids’ reading source blog on your bookmark list yet? It’s worth having a look before you head to the library with the kids so you can take good book ideas along with you.


Stories for Middle Schoolers

EmblazonA just launched site to help you find good stories for your middle school reader– some giveaways happening now for the launch too!

Emblazon | Writing Stories on the Hearts of Children

Tweens fall somewhere between children and young adults in the book category, and finding material that engages them can be a challenge. So bookmark this site and check back every Wednesday when they will be posting new recommendations

Bratty Books

Good Books With Bratty Characters

Bratty BooksOur kids don’t learn to read just so they can read– it’s important because reading is the key to much knowledge and learning.

And that learning can start very early when we read to and with our kids, and should influence the choice of at least some of the books we choose. As we strive to teach our young ones about good behavior, books can help.

Good Books With Bratty Characters { and why you should check them out } – No Time For Flash Cards.

They may laugh at the ‘bad’ behavior of characters in books, but they still recognize it for what it is. These books create teachable moments and talking points to help our kids learn more than just how to read.

Gregory The Terrible Eater

Gregory The Terrible Eater

Gregory The Terrible EaterThis might be just the right book if you’ve got a Gregory at your house that won’t eat the right things. And while that’s the message behind the story, kids find the story hilarious, as you’ll see from the reviews on Amazon.

Gregory the Terrible Eater at Amazon

Gregory is a goat that refuses to eat what he’s supposed to and instead chows down on healthy human food like carrots and eggs, etc. No matter how much his parents coax him to eat goat food like paper and shoes.

So even if the book alone doesn’t change your child’s eating habits, it will plant a seed and it will be great fun to read aloud together.

2014 Newbery Predictions

Predicting 2014 Newbery, Caldecott and Printz Winners

2014 Newbery PredictionsContenders for winning literary awards sounds like a great place to start when looking for good summer reading for the kids. Thanks, yet again, to pragmatic mom.com for her help in finding good reads for our kids.

Predicting 2014 Newbery, Caldecott and Printz Winners : PragmaticMom.

This post not only provides actual mini-reviews of 24 books, but links to sources for finding good books- a terrific resource.

Brush Of The Gods

Brush Of The Gods

Brush Of The GodsThe illustrations ALONE make this book one to pick up for the kids this summer, but there’s more hear than beautiful art. Thanks to pragmaticmom.com for finding this gem- you can find it on Amazon or perhaps in your library.

While it is a picture book, it tells a true story from Chinese history about a famous Chinese artist. Books are a wonderful way to introduce aspects of different cultures to our kids.

Check out this interview with the author, and I bet like me you’ll be ready to run and get your hands on this lovely book to share with your family.

Interview: Lenore Look | sharpread.



6 Tips for Choosing Just Right Books


Perhaps the fastest way to sabotage your childs’ summer reading is to make it too difficult for their actual reading level. But most parents aren’t teachers, and it can be difficult to judge which books are the right books to make it a pleasant experience that encourages reading all while improving the reading skills.

So big ‘Thanks’ to¬†amomwithalessonplan.com for these helpful ways to choose the right level of books for your child.

Reading Level: 6 Tips for Choosing Just Right Books.

Carrying Books

3 Banned Books Kids “Must” Read

Carrying BooksObviously, this is one person’s opinion, but the advice to look into WHY certain books get put on certain lists is appropriate.

Books can be an excellent way to learn about and be exposed to some of the harder or tougher things in life, and it’s that subject matter that may get them on the ‘banned’ list. Read about the three mentioned in this article and you’ll see that it’s not at all a clear line between appropriate and not; depends what you want for your child.

3 Banned Books Kids Must Read : PragmaticMom.

In other words, don’t take these ‘lists’ at pure face value. Exercise your own judgement.