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How To Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Have you ever met a little girl that doesn’t LOVE Hello Kitty? Me Neither. So you know these cupcakes will be the hit of your birthday party. And with this truly step-by-step tutorial on making the fondant, you CAN do this!

How To Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes – YouTube

If you and your birthday child like messing around in the kitchen together, you’ll both enjoy this somewhat more intricate baking process. It teaches patience, but best of all it teaches that time spent doing something the right way produces great results.

Cupcake Stand

Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

Cupcake Stand

photo from parents.com

Make your own cupcake stand just using covered tin cans and  stiff rounds made from a couple of pieces of foam board glued together or purchased at the craft store. This lovely one from parents.com has a woodland fairy motif, but you can change the colors and the add-ons to fit your party theme. Jazz up the colors with colored or patterned wrapping paper around the cans, or plain paper wrap that you’ve decorated to fit your party theme. You can also cover the rounds with a patterned paper lightly stuck to the foam board. Then save the cans and the rounds for the next party.

Fairy Cupcakes

Fairy Cupcakes

Fairy CupcakesThese cute and easy fairy cupcakes are sure to get those little girls’ angel wings a-fluttering at your daughters birthday party. There’s a reason they all (well, most all) have a pair of wings in their dress-up box, and that’s because they love the idea of fairies.

So these cuties are sure to please and will look terrific on your birthday party food table. They’re even easy enough to make extras for take home party favors, and then you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Thanks to parenting.com for sharing the full instructions for making these birthday party cupcakes- just follow the link above. All you need are yellow Juicy Fruit gum (wings), green Jolly Rancher fruit chews (dresses), vanilla wafers (arms and legs), mini marshmallows (fairy head), small heart candies (mouth), blue and yellow food coloring to tint the store-bought vanilla frosting, the cupcakes in a colorful (i.e. green) paper, black decorating icing (the eyes) and coarse decorator sugar for the edge of the cupcakes. The instructions even give you templates for cutting the cookies into the arms and legs, the gum into the wings and the fruit chews into the dress.

Granted, the kids don’t come to your party to eat, but you can still delight them with a visual ‘WOW’ that brings a fantasy to life like these fairy cupcakes. Who says your birthday party food has to be the ‘same old’. Just a little extra time and you can create something really special like these little ladies.


Allergy Friendly Treats

CupcakeBanning sugary treats from the school for birthday’s shouldn’t be confused with being responsible about possible allergic reactions, usually caused by nuts. I recommend for your reading as a helpful kids tip on an important parenting subject the heated discussion and response over at the Huffington Post.

Yes, it’s sad that the tradition of birthday treats is being thrown out at our schools where a little celebration of their special day means a whole lot to our children. Yes, the sugar in those cupcakes does in some small way contribute to the obesity epidemic we face here in America, which has now trickled down to include our kids. I would, however, argue that the contribution from a few birthday treats on someone’s special day is meaningless in the scheme of things. Not because I’m the birthday party games lady, but because traditions and birthday’s are both important, attack all the other, every day and constant causes of the epidemic and leave the special occasions alone. My opinion.

BUT- we parents really do need to be aware and careful about ingredients that might hurt the allergic child. I know I don’t have an allergic child, and they had no friends who were allergic, so I never gave it much thought. My bad.

But in the classroom setting where you don’t know everyone or their medical histories, it’s critical that we parents assume responsibility and send in NOTHING with nuts. Gluten free is a newer issue we parents need to deal with, but we can ask teachers if it’s an issue. If so, search for a gluten free recipe or send in a gluten free alternative for the sensitive child. Here you go.

Sadly, allergies seem to have become much more common, so we parents all need to adjust our thinking when it comes to those birthday treats we send in to school- in those communities where they still permit it.

Monster Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

Monster CupcakesThey can either make them or just eat them, but these monsters are just too cute. And not that difficult for older elementary school ages kids to make as one of your party activities.

If the kids are going to make these guys, I’d recommend using the frosting in the can that comes with the decorating tips. If these are to be made before the party, use the less expensive plastic or decorating bags with the decorating tips and homemade frosting.

Full instructions are available for you on the annies-eats.com blog.

The tops aren’t ALL frosting, but rather mini cupcakes attached to regular cupcake with a dollop of frosting, underneath all that frosting fur (hair?). Use store bought or home-made, your choice.

Gel food coloring gives the most intense color to your monsters. I like the way the ‘fur’  is coordinated with the paper cups.

The eyes are dum-dum pops surrounded by jelly rings with M&M’s attached with another dollop of frosting.

Not exactly official Star Wars, but these guys would sure look good on your party food table at your Star Wars party. Or send them home with the kids instead of the usual loot bag full of candy and plastic junk.

Angry Birds CupCakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds CupCakesInstead of a birthday cake, these Angry Birds cupcakes will delight the kids– and if you make enough they can even be your party favor take-home. Big thanks to the ladies over at craftingchicks.com for their culinary creativity and for sharing. They’ve even got a full blown tutorial over on their site for you to help you make these cute little guys! And to make the naughty pigs too.

Nothing hard to find that you need: sprinkles and colored sugar, black licorice rope, mini and regular sized marshmallows, chocolate chips, gummy orange slices (for the beaks), jelly beans, frosting and gel food coloring (gel coloring gives more intense color). Plus your cupcakes.

The sprinkles and sugars give the cupcakes a more avian texture than just the frosting, but that is perhaps an embellishment you can skip if necessary.

These are so very simple to make, they look great, and should prove what I’ve always been saying: that any basically geometric based graphic is easy to reproduce, and requires virtually no artistic talent. So don’t think you can’t do this- you CAN!!

Wrap the extras up in colored cellophane with a nice curly ribbon to make it festive, and your party favors are all taken care of. If you can make 1 dozen to serve at the party, you can easily make 2 dozen to have the second bunch for take-home party favors for the kids.

Think a bit outside the box when it comes to your kids party food. You may think it’s necessary to have a birthday cake, but when the option is this cute and this perfect for your party theme, the kids will never miss that cake!

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Fool them all with these fun ice cream cone cupcakes. PERFECT if you have a cupcake stand to show them off, but even just lined up on the table they look great. And here’s yet another ‘Thank You’ to the folks at Betty Crocker Kitchens for their terrific birthday cupcake ideas.

You’ll need the flat bottom cones, candy like M&M’s that will fit inside the cone, regular sized and mini cupcakes, your colorful icing and sprinkles to finish them off. Although the cupcakes fit perfectly inside the cones in the video, if yours don’t just trim them up so they do fit. A good sharp knife will make fewer crumbs and crumbled cupcakes than a dull one.

If you can’t find or bake mini cupcakes, I’m betting that 1/2 of a regular sized marshmallow will do the trick.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ‘cones’ with appropriate colored frosting will be just right.

With enough frosting, you should be able to stick the right number of birthday candles into one on these cone cupcakes for the birthday child. It might look a bit like a burning porcupine, but then again the whole idea here is an alternative to the traditional birthday cake.

With today’s kids going to a birthday party practically every weekend, a little ‘different’ is a very good thing! So try these ice cream cone cupcakes instead of an ordinary cake or cupcakes and make your party stand out from all the others they go to.

Easy Dinosaur Cupcakes

Dinosaur CupcakesThese have to be the easiest yet the funnest dinosaur birthday cupcakes that you can make to serve at your preschool dinosaur birthday party. Here’s a shout out to all the creative people at Disney Family Fun. They’d also be great to send to school for a birthday or just about any other celebration that calls for cupcakes.

You probably need to make your cupcakes rather than use store bought ones in order to get the ‘grass’ to adhere – the fresher the icing the better adhesion you’ll get. But with a box mix, making the cupcakes just doesn’t take very long.

Dyed shredded coconut will be your grass. Just place the coconut in a plastic bag along with some liquid green food coloring and give it a few shakes. Grass is now done and ready to be placed on top of your white or brown frosted cupcakes.

Top with washed plastic dino’s from the store. That’s all there is to it! Very easy fare for your next dinosaur party.

Family Fun also has a great idea for brachiosaurus hats you can make out of large sized construction paper for all your guests. (Scroll part way down the page linked to above to find the hats.) The only thing other than the paper that you’ll need to buy are googly eyes from the craft store to make these hats extra fun for the kids. I’d suggest you have them all assembled ahead of time, fitting the bands to children’s heads and stapling them together upon arrival. The hats will get everybody in ‘dino mode’ and ready to participate in your planned activities.

Alien Invasion

Bring your Star Wars or Space party to life with these aliens on your party food table. The kids will love these and they’re not hard to make. You can even have some fun with your birthday child making them together. And of course when you have such great birthday cupcakes there’s no need for any birthday cake. Just substitute a candle for the antennae on one of the aliens for the birthday child.

kitchendaily.com has certainly done it again with these alien guys, so I want to give them a shout out. You’ll find full instructions for making these alien cupcakes on their website, but here’s all that you’ll need to make them:

  • store-bought or homemade cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate, in color coordinated paper cupcake cups
  • store-bought vanilla frosting
  • neon blue or green food coloring (McCormick makes a neon set, you can find it online at Amazon)
  • blue (or whatever) round cereal
  • Marshmallows
  • donut holes
  • mini M&M’s
  • black or red licorice for the antennae
  • 9 oz plastic glasses for the spaceships

I’m going to suggest your make two aliens for each child, perhaps one blue and one green. This way they can take one home as their party favor and you don’t have to worry about getting anything else for the take home. Keeps things nice and simple. Once you’ve got all the stuff and are making the ones for the party, it’s just so easy to make the extras.

No boring same old party food at your Star Wars or space party with these cute aliens at your table! This is a new and very unique party idea you can use.