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Cup Ring Painting

Cup Ring Painting

Cup Ring PaintingThis is a fun idea for an art activity that actually teaches the beauty and fun of patterns and colors, and for the young ones works on those small motor skills.

More Pictures of the Messiest Project Ever.

Start them out with a cup ring pattern, then graduate to asymmetrical and then they can have their own go at creating the underlying grid for their paints.

Im Bored Art Jar

I’m Bored Art Jar

Im Bored Art JarA great gift for your own artsy-crafty child OR as a birthday present for a friend. Have fun together at the craft store picking out the contents and then your child can decorate the container to personalize the gift.

Gift Idea for Kids: “Mom I’m Bored!” Art Jar | Making Lemonade

Remember to include the glue sticks and whatever else the contents requires for use. Feel free to also include downloaded and printed ideas for things to create with the contents. A package of origami paper with some instructions would make a nice addition for an older child.

Shaving Cream Paint

Shaving Cream Paint

Shaving Cream PaintWhat Fun! Foamy paint! It will give depth and texture to their art work and be loads of fun to create with.

Mom Mart: Kid Craft: How to Make Shaving Cream Paint

To say nothing of loads of fun to make as well. Cheap aerosol shaving cream- not the more expensive gel kind, plus food coloring. Because of the way food coloring stains hands ( although it comes off readily in the bath), I wouldn’t recommend this as a party activity. Bathtub needs to be handy.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BlossomsThis is a lovely and engaging spring craft activity that will both get them outside in the spring air and then focused on creating their cherry blossom branches.

What to do with Kids | Cherry Blossoms | Inner Child Fun

First, the kids collect some sticks outside in the yard– sticks sized for a vase. Then, with squares of  appropriately colored tissue paper and twist ties, they make the branches.

Do use your pretty new centerpiece on the dinner table– they’ll be so proud.

Cherry blossoms in inexpensive glass vases or jars would also make a delightful spring party craft and take-home party favor.

Invitation To Draw

Invitations to Draw

Invitation To DrawSometimes the simplest ideas are the best, like this one:

Invitations to Draw with The Imagination Tree

For your artistic child or children, or the kids you want to encourage to explore their artistic abilities, set up an ‘invitation to draw’ with inviting materials, a nice work space, and an interesting subject to study and  turn into art. It can be pencils, colored or not, paints, markers, and whatever subject captures your fancy and that you think will draw them in. Flowers are a natural, but so is anything with interesting structure, texture, color, curves, you name it. It can an object, a photograph, even other ‘art’. Let them explore their abilities as well as their creativity in an ‘inviting’ environment.

Tissue Paper Sunctcher

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

Tissue Paper SunctcherAnother twofer: a delightful craft activity for your preschooler and a wonderful book of artsy resources for your kids:

The Artful Parent Book: A Review and a Project

This is a simple project and I love the reminder about the younger one always having to follow along when the older one determines the interests and the projects. This book of art activities for your kids has ideas for both the young and the ones further along on the developmental curve. Don’t forget to give each their due!

Figure Sculptures

Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

Figure SculpturesAnd how proud of him or herself will your child be when they actually make a sculpture of a person? Very, I should guess.

The Imagination Tree: Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

These are about the coolest at-home art project I’ve seen, and in a different medium than the usual kids paints and markers. A different medium means different learning too- in this case a bit of thinking about human anatomy (or at least body structure).

All these take are skewers (nip off the pointy ends if you’re concerned- they’re not needed for the sculpture), tin foil and tape.

Get on line with your child and explore Giacometti’s sculptures before they begin making their own. Explain how the elongated figures are artistic expression, not trying to be replicas of our actual bodies. With this understanding, the kids won’t feel uncomfortable that their sculptures aren’t ‘perfect’.

And when completed, your child has puppet-like figures for imaginary play.

White Clay Ornaments

White Clay Ornaments

White Clay OrnamentsThe simplicity of these Holiday Ornaments makes them perfect for little ones to feel really good about their artistic achievement. You make the dough with everyday kitchen ingredients and probably roll it out for them, but they can use the cookie cutters and the spatula to finish the job. The dough is so bright white, the glitter is all that’s needed for decoration. Recipe and complete instructions included:

The Imagination Tree: White Clay Ornaments Tutorial.

Not just for Christmas, either. Hang any holiday cut-outs (easter eggs, turkeys, valentine hearts) from branches in a vase with pretty ‘hanger’ ribbon or twine.

Snow Painting

Snow Painting

Snow PaintingArt fun with Kosher salt that introduces the appearance of texture into their winter art- looks like snow!

Snow Painting Technique for Kids :: Easy and Fun! – The Artful Parent.

The technique is simply coarse salt sprinkled over wet watercolors, then allowed to dry before rubbing off the salt. The salt absorbs the paint, leaving ‘white’ spots that look like snow or texture.

This could easily be a fun new technique to introduce to a painting craft activity at a winter birthday party; it would make your craft time just a bit different and therefore more interesting for the kids. Since it requires drying time, you might want a helper to help it along with the hair dryer or send it along later with your thank you’s.


Sandpaper Leaves

 Sandpaper Leaves
Photo: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com

Another great artsy activity for the kids that also works as a party craft activity; thanks to Pink and Green Mama for yet another good idea!

All you need are crayons and sandpaper cut into appropriate sizes for your project of choice. Not only does the sandpaper sharpen up all your old crayons, it makes the colors pop and look different from plain old paper.

Be it fall leaves, Easter eggs, birds, whatever. Depending on the age of the kids, either draw the outlines on the sandpaper for them or provide printed out clip art graphics as ideas to be copied and/or embellished by the kids. Also depending on their age, either give them the safety scissors to cut out their creations or do it for them to take home.

A simple table craft like this works great as a ‘keep them busy while everyone arrives’ party craft.