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Drawing Animals

Animal Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Drawing AnimalsThis is just one of 13 different animals this poster tutorial will help your kids learn to draw, and probably inspire them to figure out how to draw others as well.

Poster Drawing Tutorial

Using just the simplest of shapes, requiring coordination but probably not inate artistic talent, they can create these simple animals without getting discouraged. Making their drawing that much more enjoyable.

Recycled Animals

Recycled Animals

Recycled AnimalsGive them the materials to work with, these pictures for inspiration, and your young party guests will go to town making their animals. I’d recommend having lots of the pictures of individual or small groups of these guys scattered about to give the kids ideas and guidance, but that should be about all they need to dive in. Perfect for any animal themed party, such as a safari or jungle or farm party.

The Green Classroom: Recycled Animals Project

There’s no real directions or tutorial here, but the pictures pretty much tell everything. You’ll need to provide the cardboard tubes, markers ,crayons, scissors and glue, construction paper in various colors, cotton balls, tin foil, googly eyes and feathers from the craft store, and anything else you think they might use.


TP Roll Animals

Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids Book Review

TP Roll AnimalsAnyone that can create these adorable recycled guys AND write an ebook on kids crafts, has to have created a great resource for parents.

The Imagination Tree: Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids Book Review

You may have to help make a whole pile of these guys, but it will be worth ity- they’ll be playing with them for a good long while.

If you’ve got the willing adult helpers, this would also make a marvelous party craft activity and take home party favor. Perfect for your animal or jungle or safari themed party.

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Tissue Paper ButterfliesSo very simple for little ones to make OR so simply elegant as party decorations.

Tissue Paper Butterfly ~ Putti’s World-kids-activities

Being so light, turning these into a mobile on a stick would make a delightful birthday party craft project too. Just google ‘how to make a mobile’ for different ideas. Great for an animal or jungle themed party.

Slotted Animals

Paper Slotted Animal Toys

Slotted AnimalsIf they can use scissors, just print out these templates and give them the scissors and colored¬†card stock (or paper if cardstock is too hard for them to cut). And there’s a bonus here: stick these guys in an envelope and take them with you when you go out to eat with the kids.

Paper Slotted Animal Toys | Made by Joel.

If your kid(s) haven’t yet mastered scissors and the mister is handy with his tools, you might consider making the wooden versions! Same templates, longer lasting fun.

Egg Carton Owls

Egg Carton Owls

Egg Carton OwlsMake these on a rainy afternoon or as a craft activity at a preschool or early elementary school age party. Save up your empty egg trays, and get your neighbors to collect  theirs for you too. Then, all you need are feathers and fun stuff from the craft store, glue, markers, paints, whatever you want to give them to decorate. A very cute idea! Fits right in with an animal, safari or jungle party theme.

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: How to Make Egg Carton Owls.

Birds Nest

Birds Nest Nature Party Craft

Birds NestThese cute little guys will make a fun and easy craft activity for your party kids. Perfect for almost anytime of year provided you have pine cones in your area and the ground isn’t covered with snow. This craft fits nicely with any nature, camping or animal party theme.

Connect this craft with your nature themed party by having the kids collect the raw materials, if, again, you have those pine cones ready available. In addition to pine cones, the kids need to collect sticks of different lengths for the nest. You provide the goggly eyes and yellow felt for the beaks, the glue and the feathers from the craft store.

This great idea came from the Quirky Momma’s Kids Activity Blog, and she did this craft with her toddler– I’d not recommend so young for a birthday party craft where they’ll have to do this project more independently. Better for elementary school aged kids, 6 to 8 years old. While the pinecone birds are pretty simple, the ‘nest’ takes a bit of fussing to get right. The birds just require gluing on the eyes, beaks, and feather tails.

For the nests, take 3 of the larger sticks and make a triangle shape small enough to hold the number of birds made. Glue the triangle together and re-place the birds. Use smaller sticks to build up the sides of the nest, with more glue.

Make a birds nest for the kids to see and to model, and then let have some fun with their sticks and pinecones.

Hand Puppets

Paper Hand Puppets

Hand PuppetsFor a party craft or an afternoon ‘at-home’ project solo or with a friend(s), these hand puppets are great fun. The website and instructions may not be in English, but the picture tutorial tells the whole story.

I can’t read it either, but I’m betting brightly colored computer paper will work better for these guys than constructions paper. The computer paper isn’t as thick, folds ‘crisper’ and comes in these really bright colors. In a pinch, construction paper is probably cheaper BUT I’ll wager that your kid(s) will find lots of uses for any leftover neon colored printer paper.

Either show the kids the photos on the website for an afternoon playdate or solo activity or, for a party craft, make one of each of the five shown as models for the kids. Provide the scissors, markers, pop-poms, pencils for rolling the paper to make spirals and such, and perhaps colorful pipe cleaners as raw materials for their creativity. They can copy what they see or make what they come up with- no matter.

You could expand this to match a few different party themes such as animals or aliens. Show them the basics, then challenge them to create birds, jungle animals, scary monsters, space aliens, circus animals. Such a ‘challenge’ sets up a bit of inherent competition that helps keep everybody tuned in to the project.The younger your party kids, the less you can expect them to stray from the models you give them, but that’s OK.

As a party activity, the kids will be proud to take these guys home to show off, so your favor problem is solved too!