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Pig Pop

5 Great Angry Birds Party Games

Pig PopAngry Birds is SURE to please as a party theme, and here’s 5 more good game ideas in addition to all the others we’ve posted here in the past:

5 Great Angry Birds Birthday Party Games | Angry Birds 365

If they’re old enough to know about Angry Birds, they’re old enough to use darts (with adult supervision) to play the Piggie Pop game pictured here. If not, or your nervous, make it Angry Birds Bowling instead. They don’t have to be real bowling pins, use anything they can knock down by rolling a ball such as beer cups, tin cans. Just dress them up like Angry Birds.

Or turn punch balloons, without their rubber band ‘handles’, into Angry Birds for a rousing game of outdoor volleyball! If, like me. you’re not familiar with punch balloons- check them out here.

Come to think of it- wouldn’t these punch balloons make terrific party favors for the younger set? After they’ve entertained themselves with them at your party for a while, that is. You can decorate them (draw on them with markers) to match your theme, or just leave them plain and colorful- your choice.


Angry Birds Mask

Angry Birds Masks and Bowling Game

Angry Birds MaskThe Angry Birds continues to be a hit, so the Angry Bird themed parties keep happening. Here’s a new Angry Birds idea that takes a little time, but not much, and  gives you a unique take home party favor for all your guests at minimal cost.

All you need are the colored felt, elastic. scissors and fabric glue– you can sew instead if that’s your thing. See the complete tutorial on funkypolkadotgiraffe.blogspot.com – scroll down for the how-to section.

This mom had another great idea for Angry Birds party- using these coloring pages from Cartoon.Jr as both an activity for the kids and as own-made decorations for their goody bags containing the masks she made for each of them.

Angry Birds Favor Bags

And one more Angry Birds game idea for you- bottle bowling. Paint some empty liter soda bottles piggie green, even add the snout if you’re so inclined, and get an angry bird colored ball, painted (or markers) to be an angry bird. Weight the bottles with a little sand or pebbles, and you’ve got another fun party activity.

There are so many things you can do with thisAngry Birds  theme, and they’re all fun.

Angry Birds Pinata

Angry Birds Pinata

Angry Birds PinataEasily make this Angry Bird Pinata or any other round, balloon shaped pinata for your next party. It’s very easy to do, requires minimal artistic talent and if your birthday child is old enough they’ll love doing it with you. Getting a little help with the party prep is always a bonus!

First off, big thanks to allthingsthrifty.com for sharing the inspiration for this simple project. They also found the cupcakes I posted about the other day- great minds think alike!

About.com has a full tutorial for you on making a balloon based pinata, and it’s just not hard to do. You do need to give yourself several days or a week before the party so it gets all dry and rigid.

All you need are the balloon, newspaper ripped into like 2″ squares, water and flour (2 to 1 ratio) for the paste, crepe paper for stuffing (and decorating if it’s not an Angry Bird or other character piñata), the candy, string to hang it and paint for the Angry Birds. I’d recommend acrylic paint from the craft store to fully cover the print on the newspaper- probably more than one coat will be required.

This good looking guy in the graphic above appears to have been painted in the red and white, with paper facial features glued or taped on. These could also be painted on or you could use  these FREE Printable Angry Birds Balloons Template from tip junkie.com. Just glue them on to your painted piñata and you’re all done.

Kids love to play the piñata game, and with these easy instructions there’s no reason to spend a bunch of money to buy one ready made.

Angry Birds CupCakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds CupCakesInstead of a birthday cake, these Angry Birds cupcakes will delight the kids– and if you make enough they can even be your party favor take-home. Big thanks to the ladies over at craftingchicks.com for their culinary creativity and for sharing. They’ve even got a full blown tutorial over on their site for you to help you make these cute little guys! And to make the naughty pigs too.

Nothing hard to find that you need: sprinkles and colored sugar, black licorice rope, mini and regular sized marshmallows, chocolate chips, gummy orange slices (for the beaks), jelly beans, frosting and gel food coloring (gel coloring gives more intense color). Plus your cupcakes.

The sprinkles and sugars give the cupcakes a more avian texture than just the frosting, but that is perhaps an embellishment you can skip if necessary.

These are so very simple to make, they look great, and should prove what I’ve always been saying: that any basically geometric based graphic is easy to reproduce, and requires virtually no artistic talent. So don’t think you can’t do this- you CAN!!

Wrap the extras up in colored cellophane with a nice curly ribbon to make it festive, and your party favors are all taken care of. If you can make 1 dozen to serve at the party, you can easily make 2 dozen to have the second bunch for take-home party favors for the kids.

Think a bit outside the box when it comes to your kids party food. You may think it’s necessary to have a birthday cake, but when the option is this cute and this perfect for your party theme, the kids will never miss that cake!

Angry Birds Construction

Angry Birds Slingshot Game

Angry Birds ConstructionFinally- an inexpensive Angry Birds slingshot game that you don’t have to be a carpenter to construct. Thanks to geekmom.com for this one and for creative use of foam board.

This construction uses 20″x 10″ and 10″ x 10″ pieces of foam board; the larger ones partially cut in half and ‘folded’ to make the ‘V’ shapes you see. These are then topped with a 10′ x10″ piece. One standard 20″ x 30″ piece of foam board will make either 3 of the ‘V’ shapes or 6 of the squares, so purchase enough pieces for your sized tower.

You need either parent helpers ready to set up and re-build every time the game is played, or kids old enough to do it.  If kids, one team shoots, the other rebuilds.

Where to get your piglets and your Angry Birds? If you sew and are so inclined, here’s terrific instructions for the plush pigs and a blue bird. You’ll obviously have your take-home party favors if you choose to make these piglets. Otherwise, you can purchase plush Angry Birds on Amazon and just use bright green paper plates with a drawn on piglet face as the targets. The kids can either throw the plush Angry Birds or launch them from an exercise band slingshot with the two ends held by adults. Or, paint some old tennis balls the requisite Angry Bird colors, draw on beaks and eyebrows and use those in the slingshot.

However this silly game is played, it’s fun and it makes a marvelous addition to your Angry Birds party. Enjoy!

Angry Birds Balloons

Angry Birds To Make

Angry Birds BalloonsThese Angry Birds balloons are versatile- make them yourself to use as party decorations OR let the kids make them and then hang them up for your party decorations! If they’re old enough, I’d let the kids make these.

A big shout out to thepartyanimal-blog.org for sharing these, including the template for making them! Unless they’re old enough to do it themselves, blow up the balloons for the kids. Print out the templates- 2 per child so they can make two. While thepartyanimal taped the printed pieces to the balloons, that might be harder for kids than glueing them on with glue sticks.

If you can find colored lunch bags, use these templates to create Angry Birds party favor bags.

These paper Angry Birds sprinkled all around your party venue and food table will be a super compliment to your Angry Birds balloon decorations. Just print them out (in color), fold and glue. Be aware- lots of ink here.

Craftsbyamanda.com has instructions for very cute Angry Birds made from cardboard paper towel tubes that the kids can make for themselves to use as pencil holders. To simplify everything for the kids, I’d recommend cutting the paper towel rolls down to size and painting them the Angry Birds colors ahead of time. I’d also make one of each for the kids to model. Let the kids use cut-up construction paper and markers for beaks, eyes, etc. Provide scissors and glue sticks and they’ll be happily busy for a good bit creating these Angry Birds. Of course, once the kids have finished, your 6 angry Birds models can then be repurposed as part of your birthday party decorations.

It’s very unusual to find a craft that can double as your party decorations once the kids have had the fun of making them. These Angry Birds are turning out to be a very workable party theme!

Angry Birds Cake Pops

Angry Birds Cakepops or Cookies

Angry Birds Cake PopsStick a couple of these adorable Angry Birds Cake Pops in your Angry Birds party favor cups (yesterday’s post) and your take-home birthday party favor will be a huge hit with the kids. They’ll take some time to make, but they’re not as hard as you think. Many thanks to the-girl-who-ate-everything.com for this great Angry Birds party idea.

Head on over to her website for complete instructions, but here’s the basics. Start with a box cake and store bought vanilla frosting. Crumble the cake and mix with 3/4 of the frosting, and shape into your birds. The secret here are candy melts that you melt as per the package directions. Use a little to secure the lollipop stick into the cake pop and, once that has set a bit in the frig, then dip the pops in the various Angry Birds colored melted candy. You’ll need a piece of styrofoam to stick your pops in to harden. Once solid, decorate for beaks, eyebrows and eyes with candy pieces, as per the instructions, using more melted candy as glue.

If cookies are more your thing than working with candy, take a look at the cookies on sweetsugarbelle.com. The simple geometric shape of the Angry Birds makes these professional looking cookies easy to replicate with colored cookie icing. If you really want to pursue making professional looking cookies like this, here’s a great tutorial on the icing that makes it all possible.

Both the Angry Birds Cake Pops or giant sugar cookies would be a great together party prep project for you and your birthday child. They’ll be so proud when its time to present these wonderful favors that he or she helped to make.

Angry Birds Party Cups

Angry Birds Party Favor Cups

Angry Birds Party CupsIts very clear that people are having a LOT of fun with the Angry Birds party theme – these fun and funky favor cups being a prime example.

I always remind people that anything geometric is easy to reproduce and requires no artistic talent. These are simple to make, and would make a good party prep project to do together with your birthday child.

Materials needed include the colored cups, googly eyes, glue dots, felt or sticker foam sheets in black yellow and orange, white paper, scissors and craft feathers. You can find complete instructions here. Although not part of the instructions, the matching shredded paper inside the cups is a nice touch, and makes finding the take-home goodies a bit more fun.

You can also present these take home favor cups in a typically Angry Birds tableau: use painted boxes or your wooden blocks to stack them up as done in the video game. Make some piglet green party favor cups too and your scene will be complete. This can both your centerpiece and your take home.

Would you believe you can get Angry Birds fruit gummies at Amazon? Combine these with Angry Birds temporary tattoos and your favor cups are now full and ready to go.

Angry Bird

Angry Birds Dodgeball

Angry BirdShort of launching your party guests in a giant slingshot, an Angry Birds themed dodge ball game is the next best thing. Problem is, inexpensive lightweight playground balls aren’t so easy to find. One parent was lucky to find red and green ones at her grocery store, so start your search there.

There is an alternative and that’s to use red and green balloons. Don’t blow them up past about 6″ in diameter, and weight them with beans or rice. Experiment on your own dodge ball field to get the right weighting for the distances your party kids will be throwing.

Follow these directions for making your Angry Bird balls or balloons. You’ll need primer, acrylic paints and brushes, a sealer, a dry erase marker  and black paint pens- all available at your local craft store. Use these templates for your Angry Birds and no artistic talent is required.

Clearly, dodge ball works best outdoors. Lay out your playing field with garden hose or rope (clothesline), and include a center line that neither team can cross. Once all properly sized for your available space and number of kids, use washable spray paint to draw the lines on your grass. [Krylon makes a line marking paint- check your local sporting goods store].

To play, divide the kids into 2 teams, one on each half of the field, and distribute those Angry Bird balls to one team. The other team will be the piglets- targets. Any piglet that gets hit by an Angry Bird is out. Time how long it takes the Angry Birds to eliminate all the piglets. Then, switch the teams around for revenge! You can complicate the game by putting up a few barriers on the piglet side of the field. This also makes the game more like the actual video game. Here’s a shout out to angrybirdspartysuppliet.net for this game idea!

This Angry Birds version of a dodge ball birthday party game will run some energy off your party guests. Remember, you can always move the kids outdoors so long as it’s not totally frigid or precipitating, with jackets as necessary, for even just one active game. Then bring them back inside for your remaining indoor angry birds games.