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String Tent

Awesome Backyard Tent for the Kids

String TentGive them this hideout in the backyard and you may actually go a night or two without any TV!

30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer | Your Amazing Places.

You’ll find this about 2/3 of the way down the page– but you’ll have to get past all the other FABULOUS ideas for your backyard.

Old comforters or sheets, lots of pillows, books, games, drawing material, star charts, snacks, battery powered lanterns, a sibling or friend or two, and they’ll be out there for HOURS!

This is what childhood is supposed to be!

Sportsparents Guide

Free ebook -Sportsparents Guide

Sportsparents GuideI could have used this help back when every waking moment (it seemed) was on the sidelines of a soccer field!

Free ebook – Kids in Sports | Character Building | JBM Thinks.

It can get incredibly time consuming and expensive when they’re all doing their sports, so these free tips might just make your life a bit easier.

Outdoor Movie

Outdoor Theater Party

Outdoor MovieRe-create the old ‘drive-in’ movie experience in your backyard this summer- for the family, for a small gathering of friends or for a kids party (even a sleepover).

How To: Create an Outdoor Theater (on the Cheap) | Apartment Therapy.

Outdoor Movie

Follow the links for the tutorials, but in essence the actual equipment you need are the dvd player, a video projector, a sound system and a screen- and it’s not as difficult or as expensive as you might think. Also, any investment you make will get used over and over because it’s FUN to do this on a beautiful summer’s eve.

See how enticing you can make this for a teen or adult get-together? Should be a lovely evening for everyone- just be sure to pick a great movie- maybe even an oldie but goodie.


Sidewalk Soduku

Sidewalk Sudoku!

Sidewalk SodukuWhat a great way to take summer brain training outside into the sunshine– get that vitamin D along with thinking!

The Usual Mayhem: Sidewalk Sudoku!.

You can use cut out shapes or draw chalk shapes. Graduate from shapes to numbers, from a 3×3 grid to a 4×4 grid. Lots of possibilities here.

And if you need a refresher on how to play- here’s the rules for this shape based sudoku: http://math.about.com/od/recreationalmath/ss/KidsSudoku.htm

Mexican Pizza

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Summer Produce

Mexican PizzaSummer’s the ideal time to make progress getting more veggies in your children’s diet, and building the veggie habit along the way.

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Summer Produce – Family Focus Blog

It’s a little late to get your child invested in your garden by planting it with you, but NOT too late to get them into it with watering and harvesting tasks.

Take your child with you to the farmers market– a marvelous visual and sensory experience that will perk up the interest in fresh veggies.

Cook that produce they’ve picked, or picked out at the market, together now that there’s no school and homework to make it even harder to get dinner on the table

Explore veggie dishes, like the yummy Mexican Pizza recipe at the end of the post, with links to other mexican ideas for your enjoyment


Summer Writing Prompts

24 FUN Writing Prompts

Summer Writing PromptsWriting often gets short shrift over the summer when everyone thinks to focus on reading, and maybe math. But in fact, writing can be the easiest of the three to actually get them to do as it’s creative and fun, especially when they get good ideas to run with.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: 24 FUN Writing Prompts for Kids {Keeping a Summer Writing Journal}.

These ideas for writing journals and a printable list of story starters will get your kids the writing practice they need over the summer.

100 Car Boredom Busters

100 Road Trip Boredom Busters

100 Car Boredom Busters

Save this great list and pull it out before your next road trip with the kids:

100 Road Trip Boredom Busters – R We There Yet Mom? | Family Travel for Texas and beyond….

I’d sure rather spend an hour or even more putting together a cache of ‘boredom busters’ than listen to a million ‘Are We There Yet’s?”– an hour or so VERY well spent.