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Creating a Home Library + Great Reading Resource

BookshelvesGood ideas here for fostering a sense of ownership and delight in the books that allow for the experience of reading. Give the kids their own library full of their own books, be they new or found at tag sales or from the library. Print off bookplates to designate ownership and pride in ownership. Work together to organize the books as the child wants.

Creating a Home Library | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets.

If books are important in your home and in your child’s own space, it’s a good step toward making reading an important component of your child’s life.

AND, readingrockets.org is a terrific resource for parents about books covering a wide range of subject areas and a wide range of ages- bookmark it!

Glass Of Water

Drink Yourself Slim-Not Fat

Glass Of WaterIf I’d known then what I know now, those juice boxes would never have made it into the house. Known that sugar was addictive. Known that the average American consumed almost 450 ‘beverage calories’ PER DAY in 2002, as per the study referenced here:

Drink Yourself Slim-Not Fat – EnergyFirst.

It becomes pretty obvious where our obesity epidemic is coming from– at least in good part.

Get the kids off the juice and onto water, sparkling water with lemon or lime, stevia sweetened drinks instead of chemically sweetened sodas. Make lemonade with stevia/Truvia. Have them eat the fruit instead of drink the juice and at least they’re getting the fiber in addition to the natural sugar.

Libertys Kids

Liberty’s Kids Video Series

Libertys KidsHow about a little American History thrown into that Summer Slide prevention? This is an award nominated video series with the voice talents of practically everybody you ever heard of in Hollywood, for a very inexpensive price.

Our Village is a Little Different: Liberty’s Kids – The Complete 40 Episode Series on DVD #AmericanHistory.

Make one or two evenings a week ‘History Night’ for the whole family to watch and discuss. Ask questions.

Worst Kids Foods

12 Worst Kids Foods and Alternatives

Worst Kids FoodsNot that you don’t already know what’s bad to give the kids, but it’s hard to avoid these evils so here’s a reminder AND some alternatives to make it easier.

12 Worst Foods and 12 Healthier Alternatives

And the good news? Start them young on the healthy alternatives and it will be much easier to stay the course and help them build healthy eating habits. They’ll still eat those potato chips and hot dogs when they’re out of the house, but serving veggie chips and turkey dogs at home won’t  even raise an eyebrow if that’s the way it’s always been.

3rd Grade Reading List

Into 3rd Grade Summer Reading List

3rd Grade Reading ListMore helpful summer slide prevention from pragmatic mom.com – a reading list for your going to be 3rd grader for books for the summer.

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Reading List : PragmaticMom.

Have you put this kids’ reading source blog on your bookmark list yet? It’s worth having a look before you head to the library with the kids so you can take good book ideas along with you.

What Kids Need Most

What Kids Need Most

What Kids Need MostThis reminder is designed for teachers, but parents ARE teachers, just as teachers are surrogate parents, especially in elementary school. And, these reminders aren’t really only about teaching, but are instead reminders of what we parents need to be providing each and every day to our kids.

What Kids Need the Most From Teachers

Take the time to listen to the TED talk on this subject– these lectures are always worthwhile and on point.

Scotch Tape Nails

Scotch Tape Nails

Scotch Tape NailsUse narrow strips of scotch tape to create marvelous colorful patterns instead of a same-old manicure. Saves your money at the nail salon and keeps your teen or pre-teen girls busy having fun.

Fashion Worship

Give them this picture when they’re hanging out needing something to do, having a bunch of friends over for a sleepover, or at their spa party.

You might want to test with peelable labels instead of scotch tape, as it would be easier for them to handle the narrow strips than if cut from scotch tape.


Comic Book

Writing Comic Books

Comic BookThis might be an easy way to get some writing done over the summer– what kid doesn’t like comics? Here are printable templates with all the boxes so the creativity can just flow and get down on the paper.

mikewatanabe.com – Make Your Own Comic Books.

If your child is resistant to writing, turning it into a more enjoyable task like comic books may just do the trick. Make some blank books and just leave them where they’ll be found and who knows what might happen!

Question Mark

Tips on How to Answer Kid’s Difficult Questions

Question MarkAs our kids grow up, the questions they ask us parents get more  sophisticated and sometimes pretty hard to answer. Here’s help:

Tips on How to Answer Kid’s Difficult Questions.

How to deal with questions that don’t have ready answers, where the answers are beyond their ability to understand and when we ourselves don’t know the answers.

How we handle these situations can impact the depth of our communication with our children for years to come, so they’re very important.

School Age Book Apps

10 FREE Book Apps for School Age Kids

School Age Book Apps More reading suggestions, this time for school age kids, from igamemom.com, all in an effort to combat the summer slide.

10 FREE Book Apps for School Age Kids.

If they have to be on screen, at least it can be educational as well as fun. And MAYBE, just because it IS on a screen in can get the job of doing some reading done that otherwise just wouldn’t happen.