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Happy 4th of July

FireworksWishing everyone here in the US a Happy 4th of July and a SAFE celebration. Here’s a wake up: 9600 people were hurt and 4 killed by fireworks in 2011, according to a just released Consumer Products Safety Commission study. Don’t let your kids or anyone else be a statistic.

Although illegal here in my state, fireworks are legal to purchase in many states and while some states apply age restrictions, some of those allow kids as young as 12 to buy fireworks. Make sure your kid(s) isn’t/aren’t one of them.

Let the professional handle the fireworks and sit back and enjoy their skill in putting on a great show for you. If parents don’t handle the fireworks, its far less likely that the kids will try to and injury will be avoided.

Even small fireworks can cause injury- most commonly bad burns and eye injuries. The cause is generally carelessness and getting too close, and children between the ages of 5 and 14 are at the greatest risk of injury (according to the Texas Opthalmalogical Association). And once an eye is seriously injured, that eye’s sight is generally gone for good. The stakes are high.

And if these aren’t good enough reasons for you to leave the fireworks to the pros, think about this heat and those wildfires burning acres and homes because everything is so dry. One misplaced spark from a firework and that might be yet another serious fire.

So enjoy your family and the hotdogs and fireworks on our nations birthday, and be safe and keep your kids safe.