Taboo or Catchphrase

TabooI’d forgotten how much fun these word games can be. We’ve typically played these as a family group when we’re away on vacation, usually skiing. But either one would be a great game to play at a girls slumber party. I would think that word games would not work as well with boys, but you parents of boys be the judge on this one.

Taboo or Catchphrase are very similar, and both are from Hasbro. For my money, it would be well worth the $30 these currently cost for use at the slumber birthday party and to then have them for the family to play.

For those not familiar with these two games, in both you have to guess the hidden word. I’m not personally as familiar with Taboo, but Catchphrase moves very quickly and is loads of fun. Catchphrase is listed as for age 12 and up, Taboo for adults, but both games come in Junior editions for kids age 8 and up.

I heartily recommend including one of these games in your slumber party mix. Slumber parties tend to be a bit more low key than your usual birthday party, and these thinking games would fit right in.

I’d also like to suggest either of these games as a great birthday gift for any of the parties your kids go to. Something the whole receiving family can enjoy, together, makes for a great gift.

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