Story App

DrawingAn iPad app game that works great as a party game for preteens or teens, and those aren’t so easy to find! They can use their brains, have a lot of giggles, and be engaged- what more could you want.

A combination of Pictionary and the Rumor Game, this game is an iPad app to play at your next teen or tween birthday party. Using the iPad actually improves this game by keeping the whole process close to the vest so that at the end everyone can be surprised when they see how it all morphed from the original. You can, of course, play it the old fashioned way with pencil and paper.

Given that the iPad play is individual, it’s perfect to play while you wait for everyone to arrive before the rest of the festivities start.

The first player either comes up with or is given (by you, the host) a pre-prepared story line, which is typed in and passed on to the next player. That next player draws what they see- using their finger as the pencil on the screen. The next player describes what they see in the picture, the fourth draws that, etc, etc. The limit is 9 players, but you can always start another round.

After all has been entered, the app displays how it all unfolded and everyone can huddle around the screen and have a giggle. It even shows the drawings pencil stroke by pencil stroke.

So if you’ve got an iPad keep this in mind as a great ‘wait for everyone to get there’ party gameĀ for your tweens or young teens at their next birthday party.

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