Star Wars Trivia


The perfect game for your Star Wars party is a star wars trivia contest. Thanks to the Groton Public Library for coming up with this one. And would you believe there are pre-made sets of Star Wars trivia questions (and answers) available for you right on the internet? You’ll have to play the games to get the answers, but it’s fun.

As they did at the library, divide your party group up into teams to play, and cool star wars kind of names for the teams will just add to the fun.

I suggest writing each question out big on a sheet in a pad of newsprint. Get out that kids easel or prop the pad up on a table against the wall and flip to one question at a time. Fancy things up with some star wars clip art on each page that you’ve printed off from your computer. Check out the poster websites and google images for graphics you can use for your own personal, non-commercial use.

Have the teams all try to be the first to answer each trivia question correctly. Encourage them to collaborate among their teammates before shouting out their answer. Give a point to the team each time they’re the first.

Prizes aren’t important and you don’t need to have anything special. Give the winning team a bag of M&M’s to split among themselves- something the losers won’t get all upset about not getting. Or no prize at all- just let that team be the first to get their slices of birthday cake.

This one’s right up there with the best and basically no cost party games that will fit right in with your star wars theme. Of course, I’m going to guess that you can find other pre-made trivia questions for other themes as well.

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