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Star Wars Party Games

Star FighterThanks to FunHouse over on Hub Pages for some good ideas for games for a Star Wars party. I’ll share four of those ideas here with you today.

Remember when young Skywalker was blindfolded and using his lightsaber to deflect the training ball’s shots, all under Yoda’s direction on the Millennium Falcon? Train your party Jedi’s the same way. Best for outside, string up a bunch of objects like paper cups at varying heights from a tree or trees and have the kids try to hit them with their lightsabers, blindfolded of course. The onlookers can yell out assistance.

All Jedi must master ‘the force’ and your party Jedi are no exception. Pair the kids up for this exercise, and have them stand facing each other quite close with each having a thumb on the others chin, staring into each others eyes. The Jedi that laughs first  hasn’t yet mastered the force. No words may be spoken or noise made, but funny faces can help to win this one.

There’s a whole galaxy of printables over at that you can use to entertain your knights. You’ll find coloring pages and games, and the alien rock painting alien would make a good craft activity that gives your guests a take home.

Always save the best for last. From that same tree limb, hang some star fighters and equip the kids with water pistols filled with colored water (food coloring) to shoot down the enemy fighters. You can find several tutorials for making actual origami Imperial Tie fighters to use as targets if you’re so inclined. But as one thing online often leads to another, I found a great Tie fighter template with tutorial that you could make to send home with all your Jedi’s as party favors. It’s designed to hold a gift card, but a gift card sized piece of cardboard or card stock will work nicely instead. It’s really cool and the kids will love it!

Star Wars makes a terrific party theme for any child that loves the movies, and these games and Fighter favor will make your party a big hit.

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