Upside Down Turtle

Stand Up

Upside Down TurtleStand Up is a physically challenging birthday party game for older kids, because younger ones will get too frustrated. I’d recommend kids over age 8 as it involves teamwork, which is almost always a challenge. Stand Up is a good game to include if your party theme in any way involves a team competition or outside activities. It’s also perfectly suitable for indoors, and would make a great ‘break’¬† from the usual at your next slumber party.

No equipment or preparation needed for this one – just ample space for groups that can grow from 2’s to everybody at your party, with room for them all to fall over.

Start with groups of 2 kids all sitting on the floor back to back, knees bent and arms interlocked. The challenge is to stand up together. Sounds simpler than it actually is. Once all the pairs have successfully completed the 2 person challenge, combine groups and try it- first with 3, then 4, etc. The more the merrier and the harder it is. Challenge them to proceed until all the kids are in one big group. They may not make it this far.

Zero cost, zero preparation, lots of laughs and falling down. Party games¬†really don’t get any easier than this.

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