Spy Party

SpyHere’s a full-fledged spy party plan all laid out for you by the mom on crackofdawncrafts.blogspot.com. A big thanks for sharing all these great ideas. This was hosted for a 9 year old boy, but girls would love it too, as would slightly older kids.

This party plan covers all the bases, starting with the invitation in a secret compartment inside inexpensive pens. Make it in mirror image ‘code’ to add to the mystery.

Decorations are in the spy appropriate color of black, and simple using balloons and paper ‘piton gun’ cut outs- template included.

The real genius here is all the spy themed games to keep the kids engaged and having a great time. I was very impressed with the idea of using google earth maps (of your outside playspace, ie. the yard) to create treasure hunt maps. Brilliant!

Everything is tied together in this party plan by an opening letter describing the secret operation the kids are to be engaged in, so every game naturally feeds in to the next activity. From the treasure hunt I just described to a sort of obstacle course in the dark, to marshmallow shooters, the kids were kept thinking and solving puzzles the whole time.

Virtually all the details are available to you to run an identical party, or re-write a few bits and pieces to create your own version. Either way, the planning has all been done for you. You couldn’t get closer to an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go party plan if you paid big money for it.


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