Bear Face Pancake

Slumber Party Fun-Cakes

Thanks to and Betty Crocker Kitchens for this great pancake idea for your next slumber party. Nothing is more fitting for a sleepover party than pancakes – and they can be served either in the evening or the morning to give the kids both something to do and something eat.

From personal experience, if you plan this as a morning activity I’d recommend getting everyone up at least an hour (preferably more) before the scheduled pick up time as they’ll be sleepy and slow until they get going. With some always having a game or something requiring early pick up, doing this in the evening can be a better bet.

The squeeze bottle for the batter is the key to letting your party kids make their own pancakes (assuming they’re old enough). The second important component here is to have a griddle big enough for the kids to gather around so it’s a group activity. Ask around and try to borrow one, or you can buy one for around $20 (as of this writing, at and then have fun with it with your own family’s pancake making after the party.

Your garnishes/decorations will be chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries, banana circles, and of course whipped cream and syrup. Either set up your laptop and show the kids the video and then turn them loose, or make the pig and initials yourself to get them going. Don’t forget about funny faces with mustaches (bacon or lots of chocolate chips), hats (whipped cream), beards (as for mustaches). Perhaps you can make a face pancake while the kids make their first ones, and then they’ll get the idea.

It’s an extra bonus when your planned party food can also be part of your planned activities and help to keep the kids busy, especially when you’ve got them for all the long hours of a slumber party.

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