Slumber Party Flip Flops

Flip FlopsDecorating inexpensive flip flops is the perfect birthday party craft activity for your your next girls slumber party. It’s a craft they can do for a good amount of time while chit chatting and snacking and interacting and doing all the things girls like to do at slumber parties.

One trip to the crafts store, such as Michaels, and you should be able to get everything you need. They generally even have the inexpensive flip flops. Decorating materials can include colorful ribbons in differing colors and patterns, cut to 3 or 4″ lengths, buttons, jewel stick-ons, glitter paint, regular paint, silk flowers, feathers, whatever strikes your fancy.

Google ‘decorated flip flops’  and you’ll find images and videos to give you lots of ideas. Print out some of the images for the party to give the girls decorating ideas. Be sure one of your images includes a pair that’s got decorations all around the soles of the flip flops. These can be painted on dots and/or squiggles, or glued on jewels. Even better than just pictures, make a fun pair for yourself ahead of time for the girls to see and get inspired by. Wear them at the party!

For adhesive, get either glue dots or ‘Goop’ as your glue gun is probably not a safe idea at the party- somebody’s likely to get burned.

This craft can be done on a nice big table but also done easily on the floor. Give each girl some newspaper to work on to protect your floor.

You’ll find the girls will interact and talk while they work on their flip flops, and just have a nice relaxed time doing this party craft. And, of course, they have their glamorous flip flops to take home as your party favor.

If you have any other hints for making this craft activity work really well for the girls, please add it in here for other parents to see.

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