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Should You Bribe your Child?

Report CardIs a monetary reward an appropriate motivational tool for parents to use with their kids?  It’s a loaded question, but one most parents will someday face when their child just isn’t putting in the effort we think they should. So it’s always better to have at least begun to think about it beforehand.

Would you believe that 48% of parents pay their kids for good grades– according to an American Institute of CPA’s survey. The survey also contains information about allowances, so it’s worth a quick read.

Where the motivation is lacking, an external motivator like money might gain the desired results, and those results might then become the prime motivation. On the other hand, the external motivator might instead then become the prime motivator. Like so much of parenting, it likely depends on your child and how you believe they will respond and react to the external motivation of money.

These questions were all raised in this article: Beth Kobliner: Should You Pay for an ‘A’? How to Motivate Your Child — Part 1. Part 2 promises to include expert opinions on the subject, so I’ll keep you posted.

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