Sensory Bin

Sensory Activity Bin

Here’s a great idea for either a preschool play/learn activity or to make for a preschool birthday gift. Thanks to Hands On We Grow for sharing theirĀ Happy Birthday Sensory Activity Bin.

Sensory play is important to learning and the kids enjoy the tactile nature of the exploring. It’s visual as well when it’s got lots of colors and shapes.

Make your colored pasta shapes, but also go nuts with all the inexpensive goodies at the craft store– ribbons and bows, pom poms, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners. Throw in a couple of small containers of colorful play dough, and/or colorful origami sized paper with child scissors. Got any small, colorful boxes (jewelry sized) at home you can add in? Colorful buttons are another possibility- just be sure anything that can go in the mouth is going to a child old enough to not do so.

You may not see a connection between all the goodies in the sensory activity box, but the point is to let the child’s imagination run with whatever they find in their exploration.

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