Save Money on those Gift Bags

Save a few bucks at the party store and exercise your creativity at the same time by making your own bags for those party favors OR (even better) having the kids make them for you as an activity at your next birthday party. It’s easy and it’s fun and you can totally match your party’s theme.

Here’s a 3 minute video demonstrating the whole process, but in essence it’s just wrapping a box like you would a present except one end is left open for the gift bag opening and the handles, and the box is removed. All you need are the boxes, nice heavy paper which we’ll get to in a minute, cord or ribbon for handles and a hole punch, and tape (either single or double sided will work).

You can raid your gift wrap stash for ends of wrapping paper to use, but as wrapping paper isn’t very sturdy I’d recommend strengthening it with a liner of craft paper. Just cut both to the size you need and with a glue stick attach the outer wrapping paper to the inner craft paper lining. OR, just use the nice heavy craft paper decorated with clip art related to your party theme that you’ve found on line, printed off and glued on. I bet your birthday child would be delighted to do this searching and printing and pasting for you!

Alternatively, supply your party guests with the precut craft paper, stickers, markers, crayons, glitter glue, pages of clip art you found and printed as above that they can cut out and paste on, whatever you want for them to create their own designs that they can then make into their own favor bags to take home with your party goodies inside. Now, in addition to very inexpensive bags for your favors, you’ve got an extra party activity so you need to come up with one less birthday party game – a double win!

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