Safari Invite

Safari Jungle Passport Invitation

Safari Invite What fun to receive a cryptic, puzzling piece of mail- especially when you’re a kid that rarely gets any mail at all. If the child knows what a passport is, fine, and if not, it becomes even more of a puzzle and even more fun.

And a passport is the perfect complement to any jungle party or safari party your planning for your next birthday bash. It sets the stage for your jungle decorations and safari party theme and animal games. It gets them all excited and thinking about going to exotic places.

I’ve created this printable WORD based FREE safari jungle party invitation you can download and edit for your party particulars. Those particulars are on the inside of this quarterfold invitation, styled to look like and blend in with the other Visa stamps on the page. It takes a bit of looking to find them, and that’s the point. Each of the 4 entries- “Bring your Passport to join our Safari in Jungleland”, the date, the location and the RSVP info, are textboxes that you can edit for text, color, and style as you choose. Add another textbox if you wish them to come in costume or for any other message your invitation needs to convey.

Your birthday invitations needn’t be fancy for little kids- they’re not about to critique your graphic skills or make note of how much you spent on the invitations. They just want a party to look forward to, and the more fun the invitation is, the more they will do just that.

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