Royal Princess Hat

Princess Hat

As the 1995 movie “A Little Princess” taught us all, being a princess means you are special. So here’s a birthday party idea to make your little princess stand out and feel extra special at her princess birthday party.

One way to feel special is to feel beautiful, and a gorgeous princess hat will do that better than any glitzy crown from the party store. I can’t show you the picture because it’s copyrighted, but here’s one you can purchase for a fairly reasonable sum. Alternatively, with a bit of satiny fabric, some tulle, beautiful ribbon, and glittery/metallic/puffy/whatever stick ons from the craft store you can make it yourself for your own special princess. You should be able to get everything you need at the craft store.

Basic instructions for making the underlying cone shaped hat can be found here. Cover the paper cone with any beautiful, princess-like fabric. You can use flexible fabric glue to attach it to the paper cone, but I’d bet a glue stick or rubber cement (because it’s flexible when dry) would work just as well. Even staple the fabric in place, covering the nasty part of the staples around the head with ribbon.

Then decorate away as you see fit: the tulle and/or ribbon through the opening in the top of the hat, contrasting or same color ribbon on the cone itself, stick-ons, whatever strikes your fancy.

As these hats are difficult to keep on and little girls don’t exactly walk around at their birthday party with the posture and carriage of a royal, I’d strongly recommend attaching very lovely satin ribbon that can be tied under her chin to keep her gorgeous and special princess hat on and in place.

Anything you make yourself for your princess is already extra special. Once you have the materials, it shouldn’t take you more than maybe 1/2 hour to create this extra touch for your princess birthday party.

By the way- “A Little Princess” would be a fine movie to show at your next princess party.

Do you have other good party ideas to share for little girls princess parties? Please leave them here as a comment for other parents to see.

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