Reading Together

Reading Together

Reading TogetherHow did it come to pass that for so many families the wonderful time spent reading together never goes beyond those early years bedtime stories? And it’s such a shame that it stops. Sure, all the media today’s families consume bears some of the blame- but not all. More likely- it’s just our jam packed family schedules and trying to do everything, not always with the best priorities determining what gets done and what doesn’t. It’s we parents who set the agenda, and for too many families this skill building and relationship strengthening activity falls off that agenda.

There are so many wonderful stories we can share with our kids– from the age-old Arabian Nights to a children’s version of the Odyssey to Judy Blume to reading J.R.R. Tolkein’s or the Harry Potter books together.  It really is worth carving a set time out of all our busy schedules to fit this in. It will build great memories and add even more glue to your relationship with your children.

My thanks to Christie Burnett at for the reminder about how rewarding and important reading together can be.

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