Reading Nook

If it works this well in preschool to get them sitting and reading, why not at home?

Guidecraft » Furniture » Kiddie Rocker Chair Set – Red.

These kid sized red rockers are clearly adorable, and you might just be interested in them, but really, any chair or chairs set up in a special reading nook in the child’s room or elsewhere in the home will do the trick. Fit it out with something that defines the area, as the blue rug does in the picture, make it inviting, and reading will become a comfortable thing to do. What more could you want!

Make the reading invitation for both of you, with a child sized chair along with an adult chair. Have the shelf or basket of child’s books right there, along with your books. Two baskets- one for favorites and the other for the new set of library books. How about keeping your knitting or any other sit quiet craft you might do there to so even if only the child is reading it’s still nice quiet together time.

Wish I’d thought of this back in the day– it would have made a nice respite from all the scurrying around- we all could have used even 10 minutes of down time with a book at times other than bedtime.


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