Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Surprise

Rainbow CakeImagine the surprised look on their faces when you cut into your ordinary looking birthday cake and they see this! This is just the kind of surprise that kids love, and that they’ll remember about this party.

And it’s not hard! Kudo’s to whisk-kid.com, Kaitlin, ¬†for coming up with it, and her all from scratch recipes do sound terrific, but you can also make this cake using a box mix and store-bought icing, if that’s your preference.

All it takes is as many layer pans as you can scrounge up and the gel food coloring you can buy at the supermarket. As you can see, there are six layers, so just recycle the pans as needed to get to the six. Don’t use the liquid food coloring or your colors won’t be nearly as vibrant and intense and fun.

Divide your batter into 6 bowls– Kaitlin suggest dividing by weight which will certainly make it all more accurate. Whisk in the food coloring to get the shades you want and pour into the layer pans. The batter won’t be very deep, so the cook time is much shorter- 15 minutes.

If your birthday crowd is old enough to appreciate the joke, I love Kaitlin’s idea of frosting the cake with perfectly plain and smooth and kind of boring looking buttercream frosting. Then, when it’s cut, the surprise inside has the full effect. If you go for this presentation, keep the cake hidden away rather than displayed, as it won’t add much to the festive nature of that table. But the kids will think it’s all a great joke!

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