ProSkater2 Video Game

Pro SkaterA video game for preteen or young teen boys that’s not violent but still fun and engaging – what a good idea for a kids birthday gift! They’re most likely going to play video games whether we parents like it or not, so lets at least give them ones that aren’t full of blood and gore. And don’t only think boys; any girl into skateboarding and video games will enjoy this just as much.

My girls spent hours playing a snowboarding video game built on challenges similar to this. There are various levels of play with various skate parks and hidden areas that are opened by performing certain feats and tricks. I won’t say games like this exactly nurture thinking skills, but there is reasoning involved to figure out what needs to be done to advance.

ProSkater2 also allows the players to create new skate parks and to create their own skater, greatly personalizing the game play. The players can also design and name new tricks.

Check out the Pro Skater 2 reviews on Amazon and you’ll see this game gets high marks from some obviously knowledgeable skateboarders/gamers. You’ll also find various other skateboard video games at other price points to choose from. [NOTE: If you make a purchase at Amazon through a link on this page, I receive a commission, and that seems fair to me.]

You do need to confirm that your gift recipient has PlayStation, but that’s easy with a quick call to the parents. And if they’ve purchased the game platform, you know they won’t be upset about a video game gift, especially one that’s non-violent. So in this case, the ProSkater2 video game, or any of the others in this Tony Hawk line, should be on your list of possible gifts.

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