Princess Birthday Cake

There’s something about little girls that has us moms sometimes going for the over-the-top, fussy, frilly things that they so love. I’d put this princess birthday cake in that category. She will certainly make quite an entrance to your princess’s birthday party!

If you’re so inclined, this really isn’t as hard as it looks, as the video will prove. All you need are 3 8″ round cakes and one cake baked in a glass bowl. Box cakes will work fine, and since this idea comes from the Betty Crocker kitchens, I’m sure that’s what they would prefer you use! In addition to the cakes, you’ll need a good amount of pink tinted buttercream frosting, your pretty cake plate, and of course the princess. The doll can be an extra gift for your princess.

You might want to have all your princess party guests bring one of their own princess dolls with them to your party to join in the celebration when you bring out this cake. This gives them all something to play with at the table while you cut cake and serve, and perhaps play some more after the cake is eaten.

But before your cut her apart for serving, be sure to get pictures of the princess cake and all your princess birthday party guests for your memories. Maybe even use the photo on the front of your thank you notes?

Kids don’t need fancy food and designer birthday cakes to have a great time at their birthday party, but sometimes it’s just something that we parents want to do.

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