Remarkable Book Teaching PreSchoolers About Bullying

OneThis week’s parenting tip is a marvelous book for preschoolers that helps teach numbers, colors and, at the same time (believe it or not), about bullying. It has solid 5 star reviews on Amazon from parents and teachers alike. [NOTE: Any purchases made through the link on this page and Amazon pays me a commission, and that seems fair to me!]

This week January 23 – 27¬†has been designated “No Name Calling Week” in schools across the country, so this is the perfect time to bring up this nasty subject. A subject that’s gotten a lot of attention of late with recent young suicide victims so sadly spurring the conversation.

While it’s great that the nations schools are stepping up to the discussion, the first line of defense lies with us parents. And as Signe Whitson, author, child and adolescent therapist points out in the 1/20/12 Huffington Post, there are books about bullying out there to help us get the message through to our kids. Ms. Whitson has several recommendations for books targeting middle schoolers and tweens, which is of course the age when bullying often becomes a serious problem. But like most serious issues, I believe it’s often best to start the conversations with our kids about important subjects when they’re as young as possible, and that’s what attracts me to this specific book.

Using watercolor color splashes as personas, this deceptively simple book teaches those colors and counting yet turns it all into a lesson about bullying that young minds can grasp. The message about bullying is so well delivered in this book that many reviewers recommend it for older children as well as pre-readers.

Get One by Kathryn Otoshi on your bookshelf and consider giving it as a gift to other young children, and you’ll be giving them way more than just a bed time story. We all benefit when our children learn at an early age to stand up to bullies and to treat others with respect. So pass this tip¬†along to others with this book as a toddler’s birthday present.

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