Pirate Hats to Make

Pirate HatHave your budding buccaneers begin their swashbuckling career at your party by making themselves authentic pirate hats. Sure you can buy each guest a pirate hat, but at 2 or 3 dollars each, that can really add up. It’s a better investment to have them busy for 20 minutes to a ½ hour making their own.

The classic pirate hat is a folded sheet of newspaper, but it looks like just what it is- a folded sheet of newspaper. And don’t be thinking you can use a standard 8 ½” x 11″ sheet of black paper; it won’t fit even a dolls head when folded.

The folks over at kidscraftweekly.com have come up with a good alternative that actually will fit the kids heads and is easy enough for even the young ones to construct. You’ll need (1) a 2” wide strip of thin cardboard and (2) black 8 ½” x 11″ card stock (or construction paper) for each hat, and (3) sequins or glitter or stickers for decorative trim (plus glue sticks). Help the kids fit the cardboard around their heads and staple or tape them to size for each.

Either pre-cut your black paper into the pirate hat shape for the young ones, or make a couple of templates the kids can trace onto their black paper and cut themselves if the kids are older.  Follow the directions on the template page (the link above) for creating or printing your skull and cross bones decorations for them to stick on their hats and let the decorating begin.

For my money, it’s always better to find a way to have the kids make it rather than buy it for them, so this makes the list of good ideas.

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