Pine Cone Elves

Pine Cone Elves

Pine Cone Elves

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These pine cone elves are the PERFECT craft activity for elementary school girls. And they’re perfect in combination with a nature scavenger hunt beforehand to get them outdoors to run off some sillies so they can focus on making these adorable fellows.

Many thanks to that incredibly crafty lady over at – she comes up with the best art projects for kids. Do check out her blog if crafts and art projects are the thing at your house.

You’ll need colored felt and pipe cleaners from the craft store, glue (not glue sticks) and since the kids are doing this and not you, a stapler to ‘sew’ the hats together. Pinkandgreenmama suggests using wooden beads for the heads, which you can also get from the craft store, but if you are doing a nature scavenger hunt, put white or light colored round stones on the list and use those instead. Have each child also (in a separate collecting bag) gather up at least 5 small pinecones to use for the elves bodies.

See complete instructions for putting these fellows together over at

I suggest you make at least one ahead of time for the girls to see and model when making their own. I’d also suggest cutting out templates for the hats and the gloves for them to use when making their own – less wasted felt that way.

Any craft activity like these that also make a great take-home party favor is a winner!

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