Soccer Ball

Pinata Balls

Soccer BallInstead of worrying about whose going to get smacked with the baseball bat, try a pinata at ground level! Perfect for your sports or other outdoor party. Thanks to for the idea.

We all know how hard it is for little kids to actually break the pinata, so you know it will stand up for a bit to their feet or their hands just as it does to the stick or bat. has all the ball shaped pinatas you could want for your party– soccer, football, baseball, basketball. Or- make your own with these instructions for making a pinata using a balloon as your form. Just eliminate the whole hook and hanger business since your party kids are going to play with your pinata to bust it open. Since you have to buy the candy to fill the pinata, making your own is clearly the more economical route, and with the help of your birthday child a fun thing to do together.

For a large party, go with two pinatas and teams to play with them and see who gets it opened up first. But no fair the other team scooping up the breaking teams candy- they have to work and get their own pinata opened up!

This twist on the traditional pinata will make it all a little bit new and different and more memorable for your party guests and your birthday child.

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