Pictionary Jr

Pictionary Jr.

Pictionary JrI’d totally forgotten about Pictionary, but this junior version is great for those long hours of a sleepover party! Pictionary Jr. is for kids as young as 7, the regular version is recommended for 12 and up. NOTE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon, and that seems perfectly fair to me.

All this game requires is pencil and paper and a bunch of sleepy kids still in need of something to do. The game itself includes the gameboard, a timer and 144 cards with 1440 words for playing the game.

For those who don’t remember, Pictionary is basically charades that are drawn instead of acted out. But they’re always racing the clock (timer) to draw accurately enough that their team can guess correctly what they’re drawing. It’s good fun!

To turn Picitonary into a party game, forget the game board and just score with the time it takes for the audience to guess each child’s drawing. In fact, you needn’t be the the timer, just assign a couple of the kids to be the timers/scorekeepers. Lowest score wins.

It also works well for a party to tack a bunch of newsprint to the wall so everyone  can easily see the drawings as they progress.  I’d suggest some newspaper or butcher paper behind and larger than the newsprint to protect your wall from any overzealous artists that might go beyond the edge of the newsprint.

To use Pictionary or Pictionary Jr. as a party game, I’d also recommend going with Sharpie’s instead of pencil- easier for everyone to see from a distance.

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