Photo Party Bags

Favor BagIf your birthday party involves costumes, like a princess party, a pirate birthday, a Star Wars party, or a cowboy birthday, your party favor bag can actually become a big part of their take home memories. All it takes is your digital camera, your printer, a helper and plain old white lunch bags filled with whatever goodies you choose.

Take a picture of each guest as they arrive in their pirate or space alien or princess or whatever costume. Even better, take each guest’s photo singly and again with the birthday child. Make it a big deal as everybody arrives so they all feel really special. Take each shot in portrait format (a tall rectangle) rather than landscape (a wide rectangle).

While the party goes on, your helper can print out each guests two photos on either plain paper or the more expensive glossy photo paper at about 5″ x 7″ size to fit the lunch bags. Trim the photos to size and glue one to each side of the lunch bag.

You can get fancy and add text to your photos before printing, such as “Michael- thanks for coming to my party!”, or “Susie- you’re a beautiful princess!”.

Dress up the white lunch bags with different colors tissue paper peeking out the tops to make a pretty display when you place all your party favors for the kids on a table where they can all see the pictures and find their own to take home.

Now your party favorsĀ are so special that it matters very little what’s inside those lunch bags. A candy bar and a small trinket should be enough. What would you recommend to put inside to keep the cost down?

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