Hand Puppets

Paper Hand Puppets

Hand PuppetsFor a party craft or an afternoon ‘at-home’ project solo or with a friend(s), these hand puppets are great fun. The website and instructions may not be in English, but the picture tutorial tells the whole story.

I can’t read it either, but I’m betting brightly colored computer paper will work better for these guys than constructions paper. The computer paper isn’t as thick, folds ‘crisper’ and comes in these really bright colors. In a pinch, construction paper is probably cheaper BUT I’ll wager that your kid(s) will find lots of uses for any leftover neon colored printer paper.

Either show the kids the photos on the website for an afternoon playdate or solo activity or, for a party craft, make one of each of the five shown as models for the kids. Provide the scissors, markers, pop-poms, pencils for rolling the paper to make spirals and such, and perhaps colorful pipe cleaners as raw materials for their creativity. They can copy what they see or make what they come up with- no matter.

You could expand this to match a few different party themes such as animals or aliens. Show them the basics, then challenge them to create birds, jungle animals, scary monsters, space aliens, circus animals. Such a ‘challenge’ sets up a bit of inherent competition that helps keep everybody tuned in to the project.The younger your party kids, the less you can expect them to stray from the models you give them, but that’s OK.

As a party activity, the kids will be proud to take these guys home to show off, so your favor problem is solved too!

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