Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Outside The BoxAs either a family oriented kids (teen) activity or for a teenage party, the Outside The Box game looks like a winner. It’s the recipient of  The Toy Man® Product Guide’s 2011-2012 Award of Excellence as well as other awards, so give it a look. Currently priced at almost $50, but it does function as both a party game and a family game, so you get twice the value for you money.

Challenge those teen brains and you’ll be surprised what you find! They’re not only old enough to know a whole lot, they’re old enough to enjoy the mental challenge and stimulation and, in a party setting, to show off. That’s the perfect combination.

This is a trivia type game with hundreds of categories and in excess of 15,000 possible answers. The difference between Outside the Box and Trivia is the players aren’t being asked to answer questions but rather to put together entire categories of answers in alphabetical order- a whole different and to my way of thinking a more complex thought process. It’s less directed and more all encompassing in the thinking required. Not necessarily harder- just different.

This game has been given all 5 stars except for 1 on Amazon, that exception being one reviewer giving it 4 stars and he/she being a game creator rather than just a casual player. The rest say it’s loads of fun and never gets old.

So the next time you’ve got a houseful of teenagers needing something to do, have this one one your shelf and you’ll keep them entertained and out of trouble. It’s great for that teenage party or just Sunday nights around the kitchen table having fun as a family. It’s a two-fer! Maybe even a three-fer: give this game as a gift to a teen. Join up with another party goer and give it together to make it more affordable.

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