Deck Board Game

Outdoor Deck Board Game

Deck Board GameHere’s a great way to tie a bunch of different activities into one big game that gives your party a theme and a structure to help keep everybody engaged and on board with the planned activities. A big shout out to Desiree of 36th Avenue and to Toni at Design Dazzle for featuring this super party idea.

Create a game board as pictured here on your deck with tape or on your driveway with sidewalk chalk (drawn heavy so it doesn’t disappear). Create 2 dice either out of wood or cardboard, one marked as a normal die with 1-6 and the other with different actions such as “go back 3 spaces”, “lose your turn”, etc.

Desiree purchased various inexpensive games at the dollar store and laid them out in different spaces on the board, and had the kids make up activities for the remaining board spaces. These were things like sing a song, jump 25 times on one foot, whatever they come up with. Or, you can come up with the various activities beforehand and make the game board games without their input- your choice.

You’ll find great ideas here for the game board activities: things like a water balloon and a pool noodle ‘fight’, an egg and spoon race, put on a silly face. These will surely inspire you to come up with other fun and silly games they can play.

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