Outdoor Handprint Art

Outdoor Art

Outdoor Handprint ArtThose Quirky Mommas over at kidsactivitiesblog.com have come up with a great summer, outdoor activity that translates beautifully for a party! Thanks for reminding us that outdoors in the summer enables us to let the kids get substantially messier than in the winter in your living room, and clean it all up with the hose.

Preschoolers and early elementary school age kids LOVE putting their hands in paint– hence fingerpainting, the ultimate messy experience. Well, with washables paints and the great outdoors, you can give them this experience to their little hearts content.

Get a wide roll of paper at your local craft store– or tape narrower rolls together to make a wide one, and either lay it on your driveway or tack it up on your garage door*. Put lots of different colors of washable paints in plastic or foam plates (paper will get too soggy). Have the kids don the smocks or t-shirts they brought with them , since your invitation told them to bring same. And turn them all loose to create their group mural. Encourage handprints, footprints, fingerprints, finger paintings, and give them cut up sponges in varying shapes to add to it all. Even Jackson Pollack style dribbles and splashes. What Fun! This is more of a party game than it is a craft activity, but who cares.

Cleaning everybody up with your hose will just be part of the fun! 

*Just to be safe, since your garage door may not have been painted in a while and might be a bit more absorbent of the washable paint than you’d like, tack up a cheap plastic drop cloth behind the mural paper, so there’s no mess left behind on your garage door.

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