New Slumber Party Rules

Slumber PartyI’d never have thought of this ‘rule’ to keep slumber parties as civilized as possible, but it’s a great idea so I pass it along to all. This article has several tips for parents about slumber parties, so check it out.

Check the cell phones at the door. Slumber parties are all about spending a long evening with good friends, and the cell phones are a big distraction from doing just that. Slumber parties are about old fashioned fun like pillow fights and silly games like rumor, not about high tech wizardry.

No cell phones keeps outside interference away from your party. Photos can’t be sent, to the potential embarrassment of unwitting subjects. All your guests may be delightful kids, but if somebody gets their nose out of joint, rightly or wrongly, kids don’t always exercise good judgment and you just never know what they might do.  No cell phones and they simply cant do it.

No cell phones and they can’t taunt or gang up on the uninvited. I have two girls and I know how utterly awful they can sometimes be to other girls. A little bit of boredom and the technology to communicate and somebody can get hurt.No cell phones and they can’t. Simple.

Slumber parties are old fashioned and fairly simple as birthday party themes go, but new technology makes it a little tougher to pull off in a civilized manner than it used to be.  So new ‘rules’ are needed.

It’s when they’re bored that they come up with the wrong things to do, so keep your slumber party kids busy with lots to do. Have movies, games, crafts, cooking to keep them occupied and your slumber party will stay civilized and manageable and the kids will have fun. And they’ll never miss those cell phones.

Do have any good ideas for other ‘rules’ that can keep the fun going without the trouble at a girls slumber party? Please share them here.

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